Saturday, 8 October 2011

Hanging On The Telephone

Has had a rough twenty four hours. Forgot one of my anti sickness tablets and it took me half a day to get back to normal. It is frightening how close I am to being ill without the tablets, I must make sure never, ever to run out.

Andrew went out for his birthday pub crawl last night and came back remarkably sober. He had three pints and said that it was pointless getting drunk because he wouldn't enjoy himself. When did he get so sensible?

Peter went out to buy a new set of phones for the house. The current lot must be all of fifteen years old if not older and have started doing funny things. The handset on my desk refuses to charge and the handset in the living room never rings until you pick it up, then it cuts you off about five minutes into a conversation. Definitely time to get some new ones. I was feeling too rough to go out with Peter so was quite curious to see what he came back with because almost everything we buy for the house we choose together as our tastes are so different. This time he came up trumps with four thin black handsets and a base station with integral answer machine all for one hundred pounds from John Lewis. Not bad when you consider that the ones we had cost over seventy pounds all those years ago.

It has been a day for cold callers, both on the phone and door to door. Peter dealt with the phone callers in his usual elegant style by telling them to 'fuck off'. I dealt with the double glazing man who kicked our solid matured oak front door and surround and offered to 'replace this old rubbish' with his plastic monstrocity. I pointed out that we had chosen our door because we liked wood and  thief would need more than just a screwdriver to break in throught it. He took offence at that and said I was a bit rude. Excuse me! You are the one who kicked MY door and told me it was 'rubbish' and you are calling me rude. I shut the door in his face for fear of vomitting on him. Peter reckoned I should have lingered.

It is such a dull, cold day today, I've had to put my cardigan on after a glorious week wandering around in tee shirt and shorts. Now I'm in socks, thick joggers, tee shirt, jumper and cardigan. Not sure how much of the shivers is down to the flu jab, my arm still looks like a sausage. though a smaller one, and how much is due to my vomiting. No one else seems to be feeling the cold quite as much as I am so it can't just be the weather.

Tonight Andrew is off to another party, this time a mates so another anxious evening waiting up for the call to go and get him. But I'd rather do that than he come to grief. What parent wouldn't?