Tuesday, 11 October 2011

And We Were Never Being Boring

Wouldn't you know it, the minute you want to post your blog your laptop gets commandeered because of it's webcam. So here it is one day late and with some extra bits thrown in.

It was a trip to Costco today to break up the boredom, I am so ready to get back to work. It was very quiet there so for once found a space straight away and in we went. I managed to walk around without need for wheelchair or oxygen so my recovery is coming along nicely. My sausage arm from the flu jab has gone down but it still looks sun burnt and is a bit sore to the touch. Still I'd rather the jab than the flu and there appears to be a lot of it about already this year. My appetite is still all over the place, yesterday I was eating everything in sight, even managing steak, chips and peas for lunch. Today I've been feeling queasy so have only had a bowl of cereal and a biscuit. How odd is that? I'm back at the Brompton next week so maybe they can sort it out, I wish someone would.

Andrew slept really well last night but woke to find he was stiffening up. Obviously the shock of falling off had masked all the bumps he got but he is feeling them now. Peter ordered up all the parts to fix the bits that broke and it came to a grand total of twenty seven pounds, bargain.

A week has past since Laurence heard anything about his house. He is giving it until Wednesday and will then go into nag mode to try and find out what progress, if any, there has been.


I was woken up this morning by two cats fighting on top of me, I was literally run over by them as they chased each other. Was I pleased, er no!

It has been another dull, boring day where my only source of entertainment were the marketing calls, you know you a desperate when you hope someone rings just so you can shout at them. A big pile of washing and and equally mountainous pile of ironing beckoned and eventually got done. Honestly in my house it never ends.

Some of the parts for Andrew's bike turned up today so they got fitted, just waiting on the indicators and gear leaver now. If they turn up tomorrow he could be back on the road by Thursday. I will be as nervous as hell the first couple of times he goes out on it again.

Big debate in our house over the latest crack pot scheme to increase organ donation. Have the NHS pay for the funeral if you donate your organs. Now I should I suppose be in favour but when I get my new lungs I want to be clear in my mind that they were given freely and not because the relatives were too cheapskate to give the donor a decent send off. I want to know what is wrong with the opt out scheme that was going ahead until recently. What can be simpler than presumed consent unless you really don't want to do it and opt out. I bet more people will bother to opt out than bothered to opt in. I am a donor myself, not that there will be anything worth having, but even if this new scheme goes ahead I'd still like my family to bury me because you can bet the NHS funeral will be the cheapest, nastiest one they can possible get away with AND I've read that the only option will be cremation, not everyone will be happy with that.

Also in the news the foolish couple who won the Euromillions. Why do these people advertise the fact that they are now loaded? How long before they have to leave the country to escape the begging letters like the other lot had to. Do these people have no sense at all?

One more day until I'm back at work, nervous? Me? I'd say so.