Monday, 31 October 2011

Monster Mash

Had a lazy day today, well sort of, a quick dash around Tesco and then down to some serious pumpkin carving. I alway did a pumpkin for the boys when they were small and have kept it up ever since. It is sad to think that next year there will not be a pumpkin as neither boy will be at home. I really shouldn't have bothered this year but for old times sake I couldn't help myself. Not sure how I feel about this being the last Halloween that we are all together. Relieved that I will no longer have to make such an effort but sad that that part of my life  will be over at least until the grandchildren arrive.

The weather is gloomy, it hasn't properly got light today and we've needed to turn lights on to cook lunch, wash up etc. However it is not as bad as what is heading our way. The east coast of America has been hit by a snow storm which has brought major cities to a halt and caused massive power outages. Working on the principle that what ever the US gets we get four to six weeks later this storm should hit us early to mid December. Will we be ready for it? No of course not! Despite councils saying that after last year they will not be caught out I predict motorists being stranded on untreated roads, power cuts and a total breakdown of civilisation at the first flake. This is Britain after all.

The row over the 'occupancy' of St Paul's, as the press are calling it, rumbles on and has now claimed another scalp. That of the Dean who has resigned, the first was that of the Chancellor who jumped ship last week. What is going on? Since when did people start resigning because some unwashed, part time protesters have set up camp in the front garden? It seems a ridiculous situation to me. As far as the protesters are concerned they have pleaded that there be no violence when they are evicted. Here's a novel idea, if you don't want violence, leave. No one is forcing you to stay and isn't your argument with the stock exchange, not the church or have you all forgotten that?

Strictly Come Dancing has beaten the X Factor in the ratings as the show's popularity continues to plummet. They have tried everything, sex scandals, accusations of bullying and the usual bust up from the judges but nothing has worked. The only thing they haven't tried is getting some decent acts. Very few people I have spoken to actually cares passionately about who wins this year, most confess to only watching because there is nothing else on, they turn over when Strictly finishes, none have admitted voting. Even last year at least two of my friends would regularly argue which act was best, now they can't be bothered. Another person who couldn't be bothered was judge Kelly who conveniently caught a throat infection while in the States and couldn't fly back. Alexandra Burke was drafted in as a last minute replacement. Coincidentally the last time Strictly beat X Factor was then Alexandra was a contestant. They should have known.

Disaster has struck, the only pair of work trousers that go anywhere near fitting me have just some out of the washing machine covered in tissue paper. I now have two days to get them washed, dried and ironed. Plenty of time I hear you cry but in this weather?