Monday, 17 October 2011

I'm Stuck In Colder Weather

I was rudely awakened by the phone going off at five minutes to six this morning. It was Laurence's work directing him to a special hospital duty for the day. This is one thing I will not miss when he moves out next month. I was furious because I'd had my first unbroken night since my chest infection started. However I did manage to get back to sleep and finally woke up groggy and headachy just gone nine.

With such an auspicious start I decided to make a curry for lunch and actually managed to eat some of it. I think the cold weather might have something to do with my desire for hot, comforting, stew type meals. Who knows and who cares, as long as my appetite continues to improve and I start putting some weight back on.

Andrew had a late start today so I got him to drop my prescription off at the chemist on his way to school. I still haven't had my new prepaid prescription card and yet it is a week since the payment went through. It had better turn up by Thursday when I need to collect my drugs or there is going to be a very angry phone call heading their way.

It is so cold today. Even though my thermometer said it was twenty degrees inside it really did not feel like it. It felt more like the fourteen degrees showing for outside. We still haven't turned our heating on but I think tonight might be the night. I'm currently drifting around the house in a large, soft dressing gown, which works a treat but needs removing if cooking etc as it is so bulky it gets in the way.

Had a nice long chat with my sister who appears to be recovering well from her chest infection and asthma attack. She has just returned home after staying at my mum's for a few days. I have no doubt they both drove each other mad, with mum trying to 'feed Wendy up' and Wendy politely but firmly ignoring her. I know my mum means well but she just can't help herself. I just hope the force feeding doesn't dampen Wendy's desire to get better and start eating normally again.

It's back to work day again tomorrow and as always I'm feeling well and raring to go but of course I always do sitting at home. I'm going to be doing my new enforced shorter hours for a few weeks. I'm off to the hospital again on Friday and if it is good news I might increase my hours again in November. Whatever happens I'm not going to rush things. I need to go back slowly in order to ensure I do not over do it and have yet another prolonged sick period. I'm sure they would prefer I was in for a short while each day than not in at all, well I hope that's the case.