Tuesday, 18 October 2011

Good Day Sunshine, again

Back to work today and I must say I found it easier than I did last week.

I woke this morning with both cats firmly wrapped around me and we were all shivering. Having survived another day without heating today I have put the thick winter duvet on the bed and there will definitely be heating on this evening. The thermometer is still telling me that it is twenty one degrees inside, I don't get it, it certainly doesn't feel that warm. However the eleven degrees outside feels just that, strange.

Driving to work I was freezing until the car heater kicked in, then I go too hot and had to open a window. It was a nice day though amd with the sun shining it was easy to forget that it is late October. Once at work I had to quickly nip to the canteen as I'd forgotten my drink bottle. My appetite has increased markedly over the last couple of days (maybe it's the cold) but I along with my juice I also walked away with a kitkat and a packet of crisps. I gobbled this down in addition to an egg mayo roll I had for lunch. In the office I soon settled and was pleased to find it was fairly busy and the time just flew by. Yes I know I'm only doing four hours at the moment but you'd be surprised at what a struggle those four hours can be when you feel like your lungs are exploding.

Everyone is still discussing the new shift changes. Some are very tearful with the worry of wondering whether they will have a job next April. I am trying to be philosopical about it and not worry about something that hasn't happened yet and which I have no control over but I still get the odd panic attack. Things are changing and although it is natural to resist change I do wonder whether in this case the powers that be are cutting off their noses to spite their faces, you can't buy experienced staff and experience is worth it's weight in gold.

I put in for some leave to help Laurence move next month and was pleased as punch to get a yes immediately. Now that is sorted I can relax and hopefully be helpful come the day.

Droving home on the motorway I was feeling so well and so content I actually found myself singing along to the radio, well gasping would be a more accurate description these days. Now that is something I haven't done for a long, long time, wonder what suddenly brought this feeling of well being on?

There's been good news elsewhere today, depending on your point of view, with the release of an Israeli solider and one thousand Palestinian prisoners. Now I don't even pretend to understand the politics of this situation so can't really make any intelligent comment beyond saying that I'm glad everyone is now safe and well and back home with their families.

Oh dear  X factor is in the news again with a contestant complaining about the song he was given. Maybe I'm being naive here but if he had a problem with it then why not refuse to sing it? I know they are 'grateful' to be there and don't want to jeopardise their place but surely they must have a say in what they sing. Having said all that if the contestants ever watched previous years they should know that this is something the mentors do on a regular basis. Therefore this year's contestants should be expecting it and should not complain. Or maybe it's the fact that Mr Bird Nest Head ended up in the bottom two that is really upsetting him.

Decided to cook for tea this evening, nothing fancy just a simple Basil and tomato sauce with spaghetti and Parmesan. Sometimes the simpler the dish the better it tastes. Let the good times roll.