Thursday, 27 October 2011

Land Down Under

I spent yesterday in a foggy haze as my sickness tablets continued to disagree with me. I've been given some new ones now which shouldn't make me sleepy. I tried them today and there does seem to be an improvement. I had another bad night though so until I get a full night's sleep I won't be able to tell for sure. So not until Andrew comes home then.

Andrew is enjoying his holiday immensely and keeps sending my reassuring messages on Facebook. His latest I'll share to give you some idea of how his mind works.

'Day two in the wilderness and food is plentiful.'  

Cheeky little monkey, he knows I will be worrying about him eating enough, not being mugged and getting enough sleep. All messages have related to these three things so far.

In the news the Queen is getting an enthusiastic welcome down in Australia. Only twelve years ago there was a strong movement to ditch her as head of state. Judging by today's mood it is no wonder it failed.  Love her or hate her she brings a bit of magic that is all her own and, let's face it, there are not many world leaders that do as much as she does and none are as old. This might be her last trip down under and I can see why. The flight must be arduous at her aged and the ninety year old Prince Phillip must find it very trying.

I personally love the fact that we have a royal family but worry what will happen when the Queen dies. Will there be such enthusiasm for Charles and Camilla, I don't think so. I can see Australia and possibly Cananda breaking away once the Queen has gone because the affection is mostly for her rather than the role and try as he might Charles just isn't as popular. William on the other hand will be greeted with enthusiasm only his Grandma commands at the moment but by the time he reaches the throne it will be too late.

Amy Winehouse was five times over the limit when she died. So much for trying to dry out. I don't understand how anyone can physically drink that much in the first place.

They are now giving gastric bands to kid aged just twelve. What is wrong with giving them a football and taking them down the park every day after school. Oh wait, that would mean actually doing something with your kids instead of parking them in front of the computer with Domino's pizza on speed dial.

What is the world coming to when we'd rather make our kids undergo risky surgery than say no to that extra packet of crisps. Twelve year olds do not get obese by themselves and the adults responsible should hang their heads in shame. What I don't get is how it is that the poorest, because most of these obese kids come from 'deprived' backgrounds, seem to eat the most. Yes you have fat rich kids but the majority are on the poverty line. 

And I do not believe the excuse that they cannot afford fruit and veg. If you can afford takeout each night, which I cannot, you can afford fruit and veg. My fridge and larder are full of yoghurts, bananas, apples, grapes etc but I have to seriously think about affording a Chinese. Maybe that's the point, I chose to spend my money on fruit, others prefer to spend it on curry and chips.

Been at work for two days now and have two more days to go before I get four days off. Next week will not be pleasant as we find out whether we still have jobs after April and if so in what form. I am dreading it, it is going to be such an unhappy place.