Saturday, 22 October 2011

Smooth Criminal

Can someone explain to me Sky News' obsession with the trial of Michael Jackson's doctor? It is impossible to get a news update on Sky after five o'clock because of this. It's not even as though it is interesting, the bit I watched bored me to tears and as far as I can tell there is little point to it anyway as they are stitching the doctor up good and proper. America is different to us, money runs everything and if your financial security depends on a fabulously rich but totally loony client it must be very difficult to say no. Yes he should have thought about the ethics and morality of what he was doing but I suspect Jackson was a very tricky customer. No one will ever know what really happened that night except those that were there and they are all watching their own backs at the moment. Can I believe Jackson defied his doctor's advice and gave himself too much of something? Yes I can. Can I believe the doctor should have been more forceful and not left Jackson alone with any medication? Yes I can. I feel quite sorry for the doctor, whose skin is suspiciously taught and smooth, what chance does he have against the might of the Jackson wrath? He was damned if he did and damned if he didn't it seems to me. What a terrible position to be in. So who is to blame? Either? Both? No one? My personal thought is that it was an accident but that is not going to satisfy the Jackson clan, one way or another the doctor is going to get the blame.

They have close St Paul's for the first time since the Blitz. Protesters that were barred from the Stock Exchange have camped up in front of the cathedral preventing normal activity. What sort of protesters are these that allow themselves to be barred from somewhere? We are obviously not talking of protesters of the caliber of those at Dale Farm. If someone had tried to bar them the unfortunate would have been bombarded with bricks. These are more civilised protesters who decided to obey the ban and moved to cause chaos outside an innocent and much loved London landmark, only pausing in their activities to collect supplies from Starbucks. No wonder everyone is confused at what exactly they are protesting about if they are not even protesting in the right area. As for St Paul's it is worried because it is loosing £20'000 per day while the building is shut. I know they have overheads and upkeep but £20'000 a day is an obscene amount of money to be making out of a house of God. Please never tell me again that the church is poor because I won't believe you.

The X Factor is in trouble again and this time it is the judges. Apparently Simon Cowell is fuming because the show is loosing viewers like crazy. He is blaming the judges and telling them to start improving or else. Here's some news for you Simon. It's not just the judges that are at fault. It is the endless adverts, tired format, hopeless acts and weird styling that are turning viewers off. I videoed last week's as an experiment and whizzed through everything but the singing. I watched seventeen minutes out of a two hour programme. THAT is why Strictly is stomping all over you.

Really tired today, I always am after a trip to the Brompton though. The combination of the journey, all the waiting around and the stress of wondering what you are going to be told tends to take it's toll. So apart from a brief outing to Tesco I've been having a lazy day. I have a slight uneasiness in my stomach but nothing to worry me yet. If I stay like this then I can cope thought it might mean a falling off in my eating for a little while. Let's hope this is as bad as it is going to get, time will tell.