Monday, 24 October 2011

Leaving On A Jet Plane

Well Nancy stayed on Strictly but so did Russell so something to be pleased about. As for X factor the judges voted off the one who could actually hold a tune, typical.

Had a bad night last night, I was worrying about Andrew going off to Bulgaria today. Everything that could possibly go wrong flooded my mind and filled me with dread. I rapidly came to the conclusion that I worry too much but can't stop myself. Even writing about it brings the panic on.

Meanwhile Andrew was one excited little bunny, to him it is all one big adventure. He spent the morning packing and the more he packed the worse I felt. Is it wrong to feel so protective. He has just turned eighteen and it is his first trip abroad on his own. I know he is going to be met but I'm still a ball of anxiety. Driving him to the airport every bone in my body wanted to turn around and bring him home. He has promised to text me once he has landed and to keep in touch via Facebook so it won't be too bad, will it? Of course once he's there safely I'll start worrying about him getting back. Hopeless aren't I?

At least he isn't going to Turkey where the latest earthquake has struck with such force thousands are missing feared dead. This apparently was a vertical earthquake which causes more movement than the usual lateral ones, no I don't understand it either, and how can they tell? Of course it has struck in one of the poorest areas, don't they always, so those with little now have nothing. What impressed me was the speed with which help arrived. Usually it takes days but despite the remoteness of the region the Red Crescent organisation had people there with tents, blankets and water within hours. Machinery will take a little longer to arrive and help with the search but at least those unharmed but homeless have someone to help them today.

Today MP's are voting whether to allow us, the people who voted them in, to vote on staying in the European Common Market. What a cheek. Of course there should be a vote but we won't get one because we are not clever enough to make such a big decision. Well all I see is money being bled from us left, right and center and us getting little in return. I may not have been to Oxford, Cambridge or Eton but I know a bad deal when I see one. Getting out of Europe could solve a lot of our problems, including the immigration problem, but there is no point in even going there because it's not going to happen, damn it. It annoys me when someone I may not even have voted for gets to decide if I can vote for something or not. Some will say that is what parliament is for but I always thought it was there to work FOR us and follow OUR wishes. Doesn't seem that way these days.

It's half term and wouldn't you know it the weather has turned with high winds, heavy rain and flooding predicted over the next few days. A sure sign our weather has returned to normal. Bring out the wellies.