Friday, 14 October 2011

It's Been A Hard Day's Night

What a mad couple of days.


Spent the day getting ready for work, got my uniform washed and ironed and got my bits together, could I find my belt? No I could not, it eventually turned up in my underwear drawer, how it got there is anyone's guess. Then it was off to Tesco and once again I made it around without oxygen or chair. We then got the ourside of the house ready for the installation of insulation that we are getting done for free courtesy of British gas. Peter doesn't think it will make much difference to the bills but if it only saves us ten pence a day I'll be happy. Once we were happy they could get thier ladder up without any problems I did a load of ironing, again. Went to bed early in the hope of a good night before work.


So the big day arrived and I had no problem getting up having had a restless night, again. Once showered and fed and after a dressing change I put my uniform on/ Big shock, it is enormous and drowns me. I can't even do the belt up tight enough to stop my trousers drooping. I look ridiculous but with no time to do anything about it I just had to grit my teeth and hope no one noticed.

The drive to work was lovely, it was just nice to be out on my own again and my disabled space was empty and waiting for me when I arrived. Although I took my oxygen I left it in the car as I felt well enough to walk the short distance to the office without it. Everyone was very welcoming and seemed really pleased to see me. The day passed slowly and I got very tired very quickly but I made it to the end with little trouble.

Then it was off to see the force doctor to check that I'm fit to be doing what I'm doing. He expressed concern but in the end we agreed on a reduction in hours and a promise that if I felt ill I stayed home. That will be an easy promise to keep.

Got home to find I'd missed the insulation people and all that remain were a few strands of fiber glass and a lot of dust. Thankfully Peter and Andrew cleaned it up before it could affect my breathing. Even so felt a bit wheezy during the evening so put my oxygen on as a precaution.

Early to bed again this evening but this time I slept like a baby.


Woke late but feeling better than I have done for ages, far less 'spaced'. Shows what lack of sleep can do.

It was drug delivery day and for once they arrived early, I was still in bed when they turned up. Once again there were boxes and boxes of the stuff but for once they seem to have got everything right, thank goodness for that, I won't have to go chasing them this week, at least as far as I can tell.

Laurence has had good news on the house front. He has exchanged contracts and is completing on the eighteenth of November so I have him for one more month. Don't know whether to be happy or sad really. Strange feeling.

Andrew is finalising his application to uni this week and will be sending it off over half term.

So much change happening these next twelve months, don't know what to make of it.