Monday, 3 October 2011

Haircut 100

I don't believe it! Laurence slept through all that noise, how? Some people have all the luck.

The weather is changing with high winds arriving this afternoon and temperatures dipping by a couple of degrees. Still lovely though and despite battling the breeze I enjoyed a brief sit out in the sun with my book. It is great drying weather so I washed all my sheets and duvet covers as they never smell as fresh when tumble dried.

I slept like a log last night and feel so much better but my stomach is still playing me up. I fancied some Heinz chicken soup for lunch, I used to love it when I was ill as a kid but was so disappointed. It had so little taste it was like drinking dishwater. So no lunch for me today, again. I'm wondering whether the drug is affecting my taste buds because a lot of things taste different these days.

Today was ironing day and I faced a pile of sports wear and work wear but I got it done and can now relax for a few days before I have to start again.

Larence was home today but I didn't see much of him as he slept until late and then went to the gym for most of the afternoon. He came home with one of those Babyliss hair shavers that are mean to be dead easy to use.  As he has really thick hair he elected to try it for the first time out in the garden. I'm quite glad the neighbours are away at prsent because he looked so odd standing stripped to the waist running a shaver around his head. It didn't do a bad job but it will take some getting used to.

It is car insurance tinme for me and I gritted my teeth to go on the comparison sites to find the best deals. I hate using these things as you get bombarded with e mails for weeks afterwards. For a joke I put Andrew on the policy and nearly fainted when quotes came back ranging from £2000 - £7000. For just me and my husband they all hovered around the £300 mark. As it happened none beat the quote from my current insurer so things will be simple this year, I just pay my money and relax.