Wednesday, 2 November 2011

Sitting, Waiting, Wishing

At work we are all playing a waiting game. They are changing our shift patterns and we are all waiting to see what we end up with. The wait has been a long one, first we were supposed to be told in early October, now sometime this week. My guess is next week at the earliest. Some of my colleagues are so concerned that they are not sleeping and are feeling sick, personally I think this is an over reaction. No one will lose their jobs, they may end up working less and therefore earning less but a job is a job. My personal view is don't stress over something you have no control over, it's not worth the effort. And the change won't be coming in until April at the earliest so no point in worrying this side of Christmas.

It's been a quiet couple of days, all I've done is the ironing so not much to report really. Had a Chinese take away for lunch, proof positive that my appetite has returned but slightly regretted it afterwards. I'm not used to having such a full stomach and spent the afternoon feeling bloated. I kept it all down though which is a very good sign.

Got a phone call from the hospital asking if I minded going in on seventeenth of November for an appointment regarding my transplant. The secretary didn't know exactly what it was about but said there was a letter on the way to me, maybe this will bring further enlightenment.

In other news it appears that the Greek government have sacked all the generals in order to prevent a coup. Does a general have to be employed in order to stage a coup? Can they be self employed and do it anyway? Greece is imploding in spectacular style and it's demise will effect everyone in the EU, even us and we are not even in the Euro. Looks like more bad times ahead.

Jimmy Savile is to lie in state in a Leeds hotel. Why? Was he really so popular that he warrants this kind of treatment? And who decided to do it, was it in the will (that I can believe) or have the family requested it? Who knows but it seems very weird to me. At least the coffin will be closed, ewww, can you imagine, so we are spared an even worse scenario. After all he's not Elvis.

Laurence has been off today and has spent the time arranging gas, electric, water, council tax, house insurance etc, etc ready for the big move on the eighteenth. The one blip is that he is going to have to wait a week for Virgin to set up his broadband/tv package but if that's all he has to worry about he is very lucky.

Andrew is going down with a cold, he sneezed and sneezed while watching TV last night and ended up with a very stuffy nose. His room now stinks of Olbas Oil and is covered in tissues. He got up and went to school though saying he felt a bit better, hopefully whatever he's got is going to be short lived and mild. And with a bit of luck he won't give it to me.