Monday, 18 July 2011

Woke Up This Morning Feeling Fine

Stayed up and watched The Apprentice final last night and was so pleased someone nice won it this year. Yes Tom is a bit of a geek but he is also a gentleman and I think he'll do well. Let's face it some of the others would have stabbed their own mothers if they thought it would have got them the money. Thoroughly pleased with the result.

Walked into the kitchen this morning to be greeted by a forest. I swear the Dill had multiplied overnight. I could smell it before I got down the stairs. Untied the bunches from the saucepan rack and chopped some to put some in bags and freeze. The rest I've bunched together and hung in the corner of the kitchen to dry.

Lazy day today, lovely soak in the bath with a lush bath bomb then a potter around getting the downstairs straight. I've only been back at work a total of twelve hours and the living room is a tip. Really itching to get out in the garden but once again the weather was against me so I went off to do some shopping instead. Thought I may as well get the chores done then if it does stop raining at some point I'll be free to get out and do what I want to do. I felt very chipper today considering I'd just done my first four days back at work. I seem to get days when I'm bursting with energy, such as today, and other days when everything seems to be an effort. Knowing my luck I'll be in the 'I can't be bothered' phase as soon as the weather brightens up enough to to do some gardening. Mostly I'm somewhere in between which is OK but I so wish I could feel like I do today, everyday.

Andrew was home when we returned and still suffering with his stomach. He went to school because 'being at home is boring' so I don't think he is quite as bad as he's trying to make out. He did decide not to go to kung fu this evening though and it takes a lot to stop him from going to that so not sure what to think really. I have tried to persuade him to go back to the doctor but he keeps saying 'what's the point?' Men, even little ones can be right pains when they're ill but stubborn when it comes to doing something about it.

Laurence's second offer got turned down so he has made his third and final bid, and so the waiting continues. He was hoping not to have to offer his full limit so he could have some money spare for basic furniture and bits and pieces but that is looking less likely now especially as we've just found out that the seller is in negative equity. Obviously the seller is going to want as much as he can squeeze to get himself out of a hole. On the other hand Laurence's is the only offer they've had and they are looking for a quick sale, so there is still hope.

Still cannot decide whether to make the trip up to Wales next week. I'd like to go because my brother will also be there and it is rare that we are in the same place at the same time. Decisions, decisions! Getting answers out of Laurence and Andrew as to whether they want to come along is like nailing jelly to the wall. To be fair to Laurence he does have a job and getting time off can be difficult at this time of year, especially as he's only going back after three weeks off tomorrow. A lot also depends on the house buying. Andrew on the other hand is just being vague. He finishes school this week but has some parties lined up and I think one of them clashes with the dates we are planning to go down. There is nothing to stop Peter and I going by ourselves as both boys are old enough to look after themselves but I know my mum would love to see them (probably more so than me and Pete) so I'm just going to have to hope things fall into place and everyone can do the trip.