Friday, 8 July 2011

Time To Face The Strange Changes

Laurence came home from his house hunt yesterday dizzy with excitement. Out of the five properties he saw he has earmarked two for a return visit. He has also lined up several other properties to see next week which hopefully I will be able to go along to. He also came back with a mortgage agreed in principle from the Halifax so he had a really good day. Peter has also seen some properties that would suit us and for so much less than our current house is worth. I'm going to have to pull him in a bit as we cannot possibly move until after Andrew finishes his A levels but I suppose it does no harm to look.

The sickness tablets have finally done the trick and I'm feeling much better today and have managed to down a slice of riveta, one apple, half a bag of tortilla chips and half a can of tomato soup all washed down with gallons of Ribena. I work on the principle of a little bit of what you fancy does you good. Made it into the Brompton without incident and was soon chatting to one of my consultants and Carl my nurse specialist. I was weighed and alarmingly I've lost close on to another five pounds so all agreed something had to be done quickly. After a long chat we agreed to knock the dose back to 1.2 micrograms per kilo per hour even though it might make me a little more breathless as that was a dose I could handle without any side effects. I'm to remain at this level for the next three weeks to enable me to start eating again and build up my strength and weight. While I'm doing that they will be contacting the paliative care team who, according to Carl, are excellent at helping patients like me who need strong drugs but find them hard to tolerate. The plan is to get me on a regime that will stop me being sick before the drug is increased again, if it works my dose will be increased again until I am at my optimum level. The hope is that once that level is reached I'll be weaned off the sickness meds as my body gets used to the iv drug until I don't need the sickness meds anymore. It is going to take a little longer this way but hopefully the end result will be worth it.

Andrew said the funeral went as well as these things can and was glad he made the effort to say goodbye.

Phoned my mum to tell her why I hadn't been able to phone at the beginning of the week as normal, seems she has been having a few health problems of her own and is suffering from an infected tooth. She's on anti-biotics so hopefully she will feel better soon but I've told her to ring the dentist if she isn't feeling better by Monday. Another worry for her is that she has one of the Beko fridge freezers but having checked the product number on the website for her it isn't one of the models with the problem. Big sigh of relief on that one.

Not even an acknowledging e-mail from IKEA as yet but I am not surprised at this. Let's see what next week brings.

Got the call from Healthcare at Home to put in my stock levels. All the way through she was tutting away saying the hospital have given her the wrong levels. I'm going to let the sort that out between them, sometimes it is better not to get involved. As long as I get what I need I really don't care who has made the mistake.