Sunday, 24 July 2011

I Go Back To Black

The death toll rises in Norway and the man that caused the carnage seems to be rather pleased with himself. Not for him the 'saving of the last bullet'. No he wants to shout his 'achievements' from the rooftops. The killer describes his actions as "gruesome but necessary" and is clearly mad. His reasons are not yet fully clear but it seems to have been driven by his religious and patriotic beliefs. I don't understand why anyone would kill for religious reasons especially as most religions claim to be peace loving. I hope there will be no more deaths from this incident.

I got really pissed off listening to a report about this today. This morning while getting ready for work I had Sky News on and as usual they were wheeling the pundits out to give their worthless opinions on the what's, why's and how's. This people generally have no idea what they are talking about so I was only half tuned in but I became fully aware when this particular idiot kept referring to 'Finland'. He didn't even know where the tragedy took place! To make matters worse no one corrected him! I was appalled, if you have to make a comment at least do your bloody homework, I only wish I got his name because would I name and shame, yes I would. I mean just how disrespectful can you get?

Amy Winehouse is vying for the top news spot and it has been pointed out more than once so far that she has joined the 27 club. This 'club' is basically a tragic list of singers who all died through drug abuse of one sort or another and includes Jimi Hendricks, Janis Joplin, Brian Jones and Jim Morrison. By creating this 'club' what has the media done other than to glamorise drug taking or to be more precise, death by drugs at a young age. For a start we cannot be one hundred percent sure it was drugs and won't be until the post-mortem. Yes I know that in all likelihood it will be drugs but I think the media are a bit presumptuous to announce that their sources tell them it was drugs only hours after she died, how do they know? Have they special powers that allow them to see into her body? All this speculation is disrespectful not just to the singer but to her family. Do the media care, only if they can get a story, interview, picture. Amy's family have asked for time to grieve, will they get it I hope so but if I were them I'd be careful about making any phone calls.

There were more deaths this weekend but because they involved neither anyone famous or a mad man they have gone under the radar of the majority of the world's press. This time it was in China and the head on crash of two high speed bullet trains. They crashed on a bridge and two of the carriages fell into the water below. The death toll isn't as high as in Norway but there are many more injured. Normally such a story would be top dog but in a weekend such as this it has completely passed most people by.

Is it me or are we having more than our fair share of horror of late?

Anyway I am not going to talk about these things anymore, well not unless some idiot reporter get me going, so on to more mundane but pleasanter events.

The first really sunny warm day in weeks and where was I? In work of course but only until one. Actually Sundays are not that bad once you get over the shock of getting up early when the rest of the world is having a lie in. Because they are usually our least busy day we treat ourselves to a fry up. We all chip in to buy what we need and then one of us, usually the lovely Naseem, will cook up a storm. Everyone arrives at work starving as most of us have skipped breakfast at home in anticipation of the delights to come. If a cooked breakfast is out for whatever reason then it is often sweetie day, I'm telling you it is not the place to be if on a diet. I got home to find that Andrew had cooked a pasta but I was so full I couldn't eat it. Thankfully Laurence arrived home soon after ravenous after a gym session and ate my portion as well as his own so nothing went to waste. Watched the German Grand Prix and was delighted to see Hamilton crossing the line first. Button's bad luck, however, continues such a shame. Then out into the garden and a quick check of the herbs and tomatoes. Everything is growing really fast now and some of the herbs are in serious need of a trim but that will come next month when I start drying them for winter. The tomatoes are massive and dripping with fruit, if all goes well I should be eating my first tomato in two or three weeks. You watch, in a month I'll probably be complaining I'm sick of them.

We have finally made the decision to go down to Wales for my mum's birthday, it is going to be a flying visit with Laurence only able to stay overnight and Peter and myself two nights because of other commitments. I don't think she will mind though as we are planning a meal and it will be the first time my brother, sister and myself will be together in several years. I'm really looking forward to it. Lets just hope the weather is kind.