Sunday, 17 July 2011

Read All About It.

Referring back to my thoughts on lottery wins I read in the paper this morning that the couple I was discussing have had to flee the country. How sad that in this day and age they cannot enjoy their luck in peace, however anyone with any sense should have know what would happen once the news got out. I feel sorry for them but they really should have realised that sometimes it is better to keep good news to yourself.

Sick to death of the News Of The World hogging all the headlines, am I the only one? Yes is is horrific and yes it is probably the biggest scandal to hit this country since the Perfumo affair but there are more important things going on in the world. I for one would prefer to hear about the crisis in Africa or the troubles in Libya instead of having them relegated to minor wrap up articles.

OK having had a bit of a moan back to the real world. Having not won the lottery myself last night it was back to work again this afternoon for the final four hours of the week. I think I've coped really well, yes I have been tired coming home and have got more tired with each passing day but overall not as hard as I thought. I sent an email around to thank everyone for their warm welcome back and to explain a little about the pump. I know that they are curious but maybe a little embarrassed to ask me about it, hopefully the email will go some way to removing the elephant in the room. There is only one downside to working again and that is the driving. My seat belt lies right across the entry site and even with a large pad over the dressing it has become very sore to the point there was a spot of blood on the dressing this morning. I have no idea what I am to do about this situation so have sent off an email to my specialist nurse to ask for some advice.

As it wasn't raining took a quick jaunt around the garden this morning to check on the tomatoes, don't know if it was the rain yesterday or what but I suddenly appear to have loads of tomatoes, most the size of peas but some are bigger. Cannot wait for them to ripen, fresh tomatoes with mozzarella and basil is as fresh and tasty a summer snack as you can get. As I appear to have so many I will be making up some basic tomato sauce for pasta to pop in the freezer and if I'm really lucky I might even have enough to make a pot or two of chutney. In other areas my sweet peas have started to flower as have the poppies and the herbs are well established, too established in the case of the Dill. It needs a severe cut back as it is swamping some of the less vigorous herbs. Another month or so and it will be time to start cutting and drying the herbs for use in the winter, looks like I'm going to have a bumper crop this year.

I arrived home this evening and opened the front door to be greeted by a strong smell of Dill. I had discussed cutting it down and drying some of it with  Andrew while clearing up after lunch. While I was at work Andrew decided to save me a job and trim the Dill back for me. His idea of drying a bit of Dill for winter is obviously way off mine however as most of the plant was hanging from the saucepan rack. I have Dill everywhere, I can't move for Dill. I have enough Dill hanging in my kitchen to feed the whole village. The kitchen smells nice though. I have decided to take some and freeze it and tomorrow the rest will be moved into the shed to continue drying.  I can't be cross because he was only trying to help but in future I think I'll have to be more specific about how much of somthing I need to see me through winter. Bless him!