Thursday, 7 July 2011

Looking Forward All That I Can See Is Good Things Happening

Finally felt up to complaining to IKEA this morning so had a good old moan.

Dear Sir/Madam

I had the misfortune to visit your Milton Keynes store on the afternoon of Saturday 2nd July 2011.

I am a disabled customer who needs a wheelchair to get around. Usually I bring my own but on this occasion we anticipated making a big purchase so left mine at home with the intention of borrowing one from the store. My husband left me in the car and went to find someone to help. In order to borrow a push along no frills chair my husband was told he would have to leave his car keys with at the wheelchair area. We had borrowed a chair for a previous visit a month or so ago and no such request was made. My husband was told it has always been company policy and was then called a liar for mentioning how we’d borrowed a wheelchair previously. 

My husband returned and we decided to leave your store because in order to get the wheelchair my husband would have had to leave his keys, bring the wheelchair out to the car to fetch me, return me to the store leaving our vehicle unlocked, retrieve the keys, go and lock our vehicle and then return the keys to the wheelchair area where I would have been left as some sort of collateral. He would then have had to reverse the process, possible leaving the car unlocked with items in the boot when we left. Does this seem reasonable to you?

Compare my treatment in your store to that of ASDA next door when a quick chat with customer services secured me a key to a motorised scooter, which was brought out to the car for me, without us having to leave anything behind.

You are a complete disgrace and I strongly urge you to revise a policy which requires disabled people to leave their vehicles unlocked in order to have the privilege of using your store.

Hazel Roberts

I'm still feeling a bit yuk so maybe the last bit was stronger than I'd intended but we'll see if we get a response, I will keep you posted.

My battle to keep my food down continues. Apart from a brief hiatus on Monday I've been constantly throwing up despite the anti sickness drugs I've been given. I was supposed to go to the Brompton today for another drug increase but even though I'm upright and managing to keep down Ribena and toast I'm nowhere near well enough for a trip into London, well not without a bucket. So I rang them and spoke to Lisa, another of the nurse specialists, who informed me that this is a perfectly normal occurrence when we get to the larger doses and they had been expecting this to happen at some point. Charming! Anyway she told me not to panic but to hang on and she would talk to one of the doctors and then if he approves will talk me through the process of reducing the dose myself so I can feel more human. Then I'll have to go and see them again and we'll have to decide how we continue the increase, it maybe that instead of increasing it by two as they have been doing up to now, they will do it by one or even half with bigger gaps in between so I get used to each change properly. We will see.

I have the house to myself for a few hours today as Peter is out with Laurence viewing houses. I wish I could have gone with them but will have to be content with the pictures they will be taking. They are seeing four properties today all in the Rushdon area of Bedford.

Having said that being on my own is such a novelty these days I'm actually welcoming it. Two hours or so of not being asked if I want anything or how I'm feeling will be like heaven. I know they mean well and I'm really grateful but sometimes it gets a bit much, especially with three of them at it.

Had to write a note for Andrew for tomorrow as it's his karate trainer's funeral. They had their first proper session on Monday and Andrew said it felt really weird without him. I guess it will as it was Jules who pushed Andrew to do his black belt. Jules has been a big part of Andrew's life for going on six years so it is natural that he is going to miss him. I just hope he handles the funeral OK, the only other one he has ever been to was his grandfather's but then he had the whole family around him for support. I'm sure he will be OK but being a mum I can't help worrying.

Finally got the call from the hospital. They have phoned my gp and got him to prescribe a special antiemetic that they use at the hospital. They have given these to me when I've been ill following surgery so know they work and don't give me any side effects. Andrew was early home from school today so went out to collect them for me as Peter and Laurence were still out looking at property. They are also a non drowsy version so unlike the others I should stay awake after taking them. If I'm feeling better tomorrow, which I'm assured I will, then I'm to go down to the Brompton and they are going to reduce my dosage temporarily. Them they will have time to come up with a plan of action to increase the drug in smaller doses over a longer period of time to enable my body to deal with it. Just wish things could be less complicated sometimes but at least my breathing is continuiing to improve so it is not all bad news.

Had to do my drug count today ready for Healthcare at Home to ring up tomorrow to get my stock levels. If I am reading the figures on the sheet properly them most of the stock I have is still well above the re-stock figures. If that is the case then I should be getting a much smaller delivery this time around, and hopefully, everything I need in the quantities I need them. The two hugh plastic containers we bought at ASDA on Saturday fit neatly into our bedroom wall cupboard and hold almost everything, bar a box of syringes so at last the hall is looking less like a dumping ground for boxes.

So another step back and another trip to London but at least now I'm having more steps forwards, here's to another of life's big adventures.