Tuesday, 5 July 2011

Praying To The Porcelain Goddess

I am just about recovering from the worst migrane ever. Started on Sunday night when I began to feel a bit 'odd' then I started to throw up just before going to bed. Convinced it was 'just one of those things' I went to bed in the hope of sleeping it off. I slept well but when I woke up I started to be sick again and my face felt as though it had been kicked in. I still didn't recognise it as migrane though because the ones I've had before always started with visual disturbances which I hadn't had. Peter was really worried that I'd got an infection while I was wondering whether the promised sickness that was supposed to accompany my last drug increase had suddenly materialised. My temprature reading was normal so I took one of my sickness tablets and went back to bed. I spent the whole day there, between trips to the loo. By the evening my stomach began to settle and desperate for something to drink I request a cup of sweet tea. I managed to keep it down and knew that I was on the road to recovery. I took another sickness tablet before bedtime as a precaution and woke this morning feeling a lot better but very light headed which I've put down to being dehydraded. I'm drinking loads and have also managed half a can of tomato soup so hopefully bu tomorrow I should be back up and running. Here's hoping.

Because I was incapacitated Peter had to step up to the mark and help me prepare my drugs last night. He was a bit slow but together we got it done. It is comforting to know that if ever I was totally out of it I have someone who can step in and do it for me. Though a bit more practice is needed and I definitely need to get some bigger sterile gloves as the double gloving technique proved a little bit painful and removing the top layer of gloves for the second part of the procedure was a little tricky to say the least. Peter was very nervous as sterility is vital and I think he was worried about accidentally causing an infect but to be honest I've lived with him for over twenty five years so by now his bugs must also be my bugs so I don't think he has anymore chance of infecting me than I have.

I was supposed to be going to the Warfarin clinic this afternoon but I really couldn't face it today. Unfortunately I dropped off this afternoon and only woke up after the clinic would have finished so was unable to change the date. I can now look forward to a letter telling me off sometime this week. I will call them tomorrow and make another appointment.

I am making preparations to return to work and have made an appointment to see the Occupational Health Doctor to discuss a graduated return. When I've been ill for a long periods before I've always kicked against having to do a graduated return but even I realise diving straight into a ten hour day would not be a wise thing to do this time around. I have been very ill for a very long time and although I'm feeling better (yesterday not included) it is probably going to take at least a couple of months for me to be fully up to speed. There is a great deal of difference between sitting watching TV and being able to rest, sleep, eat and drink when you feel like it and having to take scheduled breaks inbetween dealing with stroppy members of the public. I admit to wondering whether returning to work at all is a good idea. I want to but am now very aware that my body doesn't have the strength it had even six months ago but the only way to find out is to try it. So on Monday I'm off to see what the doc recommends. To be fair he is brilliant and really knows what he is talking about. He has done his homework regarding PH and so I don't have to explain anything to him, he knows what I'm talking about and what my limitation are. It is so refreshing to talk to a medical person outside of the specialist centre and for them to know what you are talking about. He also doesn't patronise or presume he knows more than I do which means our meetings are usually stress free and productive.

Time for more soup and I might even try a bit of bread to dunk. Hopefully back to normal tomorrow.