Tuesday, 19 July 2011

Industrial Disease

Major panic last night when I spotted air in my line. I'd finished switching the lines over, packed everything away, took out the rubbish and for some unknown reason decided to give my line a final quick check and there it was. I don't know how it got there because I am meticulous about air pockets and hygiene. Anyway some frantic flicking ensued to try and break the big bubble into smaller, harmless ones but it didn't work, every time the machine shot another dose up the line the small bubbles rejoined into one big one. In the end I removed the line and re-primed it (this is where you shoot medication along the new line to remove air and ensure there isn't a break in delivery). This worked and panic over. Still don't know how it happened but you can be sure I will be triple checking everything again tonight, double checking is apparently not enough.

There is an outbreak of eye infection at my place of work recently and I cannot be surprised given the state of the work place. Not to put to fine a point on it the room is filthy. The way we work has given the cleaners the perfect excuse not to clean the work stations. We 'hot desk' so you never end up in the same place twice and the work stations are rarely empty. Although our headsets are our own we share the keyboards, mice and phones. We have complained for months but nothing got done and suddely an eye infection is doing the rounds, and a nasty one at that. What really annoys everyone is that it would be so easy to fix. If each work station just had a packet of anti bacterial wipes at hand we could wipe our own desks and equipment down at the start of each shift. Blimey even my school room was never that dirty and that had over one hundred snooty nosed teenages surging through it each day. Lets hope that those in charge sort it out soon before something nastier breaks out.

Had a full day today, did a huge pile of ironing this morning then it was off to Milton Keynes shopping centre this afternoon. I managed to walk around without the need for a wheelchair but with a lot of sit downs. I came away with some new summer pj sets, I don't like nighties and it is too hot for long pyjama bottoms so I bought some nice shorts and strappy tops to sleep in. I also raided Boots and Waterstones. We stopped off in Tesco on the way home to pick up the things I'd forgotten yesterday (I always forget something, usually something vital) and then home for tea. Really need my bed now and no, not just because I want to try out my new pj's.

Andrew spent the day at home again but this time because it was sports day and sixth formers, if they are not taking part, can stay at home to study. He did some work in the morning and joined us for the shopping trip in the afternoon. Despite complaining about his stomach and having a good lunch before we left Andrew still managed to scoff a cornish pasty and a muffin on the way around.

Laurence was back at work today and came home shattered. Like most people he hates the first day back after a break. Still no word from the estate agent so we can only assume the sellers are still considering the offer.

Planning a quiet day at home tomorrow, if I get the energy I might make a cake but my priority will be to rest. I have already picked out the DVD's and bought the chocolate, now all I need is the rain to stop me feeling guilty about not doing the garden.