Thursday, 14 July 2011

She Works Hard For The Money

Well wouldn't you know it just as you think everything is fine and dandy there is always one who wants to spoil the party. My stalker has raised their ugly head again and taken it upon themselves to accuse me of not getting on with life and being a bit of a drama queen. This person is of course objecting to the way I write my blog and what I put into it. I don't know this person, as far as I know we have never met so I really do not understand their problem. I am beginning to realise that they are a bit thick though as they obviously have no concept of what a blog is, they seem to think I should not be writing about me, in my blog, strange! Apparently I'm also not the only person in the world with PH and carrying a pump around. Hello! Don't you think I know that? I've met others with pumps and actually had a fine old time swapping stories of the bad, sad and funny moments surrounding it. Finally, and I had to read back through my blogs to check this, I'm accused of being depressing and 'not learning to live' with my situation. I'm wondering whether this person is actually reading the right blog. Yes there are some posts where I'm obviously feeling very down but if this person also has PH, as they claim, then they would know this happens. On the whole though I think my posts are pretty positive. And before I get accused of not being able to take criticism, I get criticism all the time, for the blog and for the book. Criticism is a useful tool if the comments are constructive. You learn and develop by listening to your critics, both bad and good. It is when the comments are personal and hurtful then you have to learn to brush them off and put it down as part and parcel of exposing your work on the Internet. So far the positive comments for both blog and book far outweigh the not so positive so in my view I must be doing something right otherwise people just wouldn't keep coming back to read. So I will say it one more time, thank you for your input but if this blog really offends you that much please stop reading. Have a happy life.

Had a lovely lie in this morning, there are advantages to only working four hours a day. I was doing an afternoon shift so didn't need to be in until two which gave me plenty of time to get myself together. And boy did I need it.

Firstly I had a really terrible night's sleep. A muggy night combined with 'back to work' nerves meant I tossed and turned for most of the night. First I felt hot so off went the covers, within minutes I felt cold so back on they came. I was so restless even the cat gave up and stalked off to find a quieter sleeping place. By five I was exhausted and finally got to sleep only to wake at just after nine feeling muggy. A quick cuppa and a read of the paper followed by a shower and I was raring to go.

I wear a uniform for work that has quite a bit of stuff attached to it. Yes I know I should have got it all together yesterday but I didn't. I found my ID badge and my swipe card but could I find my belt or my epaulets? Of course not. So the hunt was on and I'd emptied and rummaged through all but one drawer in the bedroom before I spotted the belt neatly curled up on the bookshelf and the epaulets lying underneath them, panic over. Putting the uniform on made me realise just how much weight I'd lost, it is so baggy. However on the plus side the extra room meant it was easier to hid the line and I was really pleased at how much I'd managed to tuck into my shirt without any tell tale bulges. There was still the few inches between me and the bag holding the pump but there is always going to be that and unless they were very observant or were deliberately looking for something I doubt anyone would notice.

Well coped much better than I thought I would. I was a lot slower than I used to be as I'd forgotten some to the codes and phone numbers I use but all in all I fell back into step pretty well. My supervisor had a chat and made sure I would rest when I needed to and that was all that was said. I enjoyed myself but boy was I tired at the end of the afternoon. Only to be expected after being off for so long. The trick is now going to be getting the pace of return right so I don't over do it. I was glad to get home and will probably sleep like a log tonight but yes it was very good to be back.

Laurence has narrowed it down to two houses now, the final decision cannot be far off. I'm betting an offer will be made sometime next week.