Thursday, 21 July 2011

Pressure Point

Switched on the breakfast news this morning and was thrilled to find that the News Of The World has been religated to story number four. At last! Had a horrendous night's sleep, first I was too hot then I was too cold and on top of all that Tarmac kept trying to get into bed with me. As a result I had a dull headache all morning. To try and wake myself up I did some ironing and then baked a cake, after which I was shattered so had a nap on the settee while trying to watch Only Fool And Horses.

Laurence's seller is still making him wait. The seller is getting married this Saturday so now wants to put off his decision until Monday. How stressful, getting married and selling a house at the same time. At least now we know why they want a quick sale. However I do think it is a bit naughty of them to keep Laurence hanging on like this. I can't tell him what to do but I will be advising him that if they haven't given him a definite answer by Wednesday to cut his loses and make an offer on his second choice.

I've been following the story in the papers of the hospital where saline has been contaminated with insulin. So far five patients have died and a number have been very poorly. How awful is this? Having only recently been in hospital myself I know how reliant patients are on the nursing staff and how we completely trust them with the medications they give. I've had a whole host of things given to me via saline drips and never once considered there might be anything in the bag that would intentionally cause me harm. The nursing profession has already had enough bad press of late with the care home scandal and the treatment of the elderly, this they really do not need. From my point of view 99.9999% of nurses are wonderful. It is such a great pity then that the 0.0001% ruin the reputation of a whole profession, it's not fair on those who do work hard under sometimes very difficult circumstances. As for the nurse, well let's not forget she has been arrested under 'suspicion' of committing these crimes. So far the police have not got enough evidence to charge her (though by the time I post this blog or you read it things might have changed) so should her picture be splashed all over the papers and comparisons made with Beveley Alliott? I personally don't think details should be released until a person is actually charged. Even if this nurse is proved innocent further into the investigation her name will forever be linked with this case and as they say mud sticks. Even if completely exonerated her nursing career is effectively over.

The Nursing and Midwifery Council have moved quickly to suspend her license to practice, which again to me is jumping the gun. Yes she moaned on Facebook about how much she disliked her work and how hard and stressful it is but we all do that from time to time. It doesn't mean we are all killers just waiting for the pressure to tip us over the edge. At the moment she is in custody so couldn't work anyway. And if/when she is released what is wrong with just suspending her from her place of work, do they really have to take her license away? In this country we used to pride ourselves on our legal system and 'innocent until proven guilty' now it seems to have done a complete reversal and it is 'guilty until proven innocent', especially in high profile cases. I really hope it isn't a nurse that has done these terrible things and that it turns out to be a relative with a grudge against the hospital. Time will tell.

Back to work tomorrow this time for morning shifts so I finish at one each day, result! Seriously though it will be a good test of how organised I can be. There is a whole lot of diffence between starting work at nine and starting work at two. I'll have to get myself going in the morning instead of the tortoise pace I've adopted over the last few weeks.

It is drug delivery day tomorrow and we finally got around to clearing out the bedroom wall cupboard to accommodate it all. It was amazing to see what was hidden in there. At least twenty jigsaws, about 40 old lps, loads of pictures of the boys from their primary school days, christening gifts for both boys and cards celebrating our engagement and wedding. The best find was four scrap books that I'd made before I was married. They hold newspaper clippings from the time of Elvis's death and John Lennon's death. There was a whole newspaper from 1977 which was an Elvis special. The boys found them really interesting but as with kids today the first thing they did was turn to the TV pages to what was on. Seems little has changed, the daytime schedule consisted of golf and cricket and in the evening the main event was The Rockford Files, brilliant! Will have to tackle another cupboard next week to see what else I can find.