Monday, 25 July 2011

Moving On

Well after a weekend of doom and gloom it has been good news day today.

First off Laurence's offer on the house was accepted, at last. On top of that the sellers are throwing in the blinds, lampshades, fridge and freezer, result! Laurence is so excited he can't stop smiling. My feelings are more ambigeous. Of course I am pleased as punch for him but it means my eldest child is finally leaving home after twenty three years under my roof and care. It is not as though I didn't know when he was born that one day he would leave home but it seems to have come around so quickly. He has already been told that he'd better ring me at least once a week and no doubt my ironing and cooking skills will be much sort after, at least until he gets himself organised so I'm hopeful of regular visits.

The second piece of good news came from my neighbour who informed me that his daughter gave birth to a baby girl yesterday. She's named Zoe and weighed in at nine pounds and six ounces so a real bouncer. She's coming over next week so hopefully I'll be able to meet her. Talking about babies I met Daisy yesterday, the eight week old baby daughter of two of my colleagues, big blue eyes, blonde hair and a smile, what more can you want?

I have four days off so looking forward to a lie in tomorrow, sods law saw me sleeping like a log last night only to wake up at seven this morning muggy headed and longing for another hour or two in bed. I struggled today to be quite frank. It's not so much that I'm tired though that doesn't help but that my brain seems to have turned to mush. I know I've had three months off but I didn't expect to forget so much. I don't know why this is and my confidence has taken a bit of a dive. I've been told that i shouldn't beat myself up over it as in reality I've only been back a week but ever the perfectionist I'm getting frustrated with myself. Thank goodness I've got such kind and understanding colleagues. I must be driving them mad with all my questions.

The meal with the family is on and we will be travelling to Wales tomorrow. Unfortunately because of the house sale it is unlikely that Laurence will be coming with us as he has to start the ball rolling with the house sale and that means visiting his solicitor. To be honest it was going to be a flying visit for him anyway as he couldn't get time off so maybe it would be better for him to visit later in the year when everything has calmed down and he has more time.

My mother does not have such things as computers and Internet so unless I can find a wireless area I will not be able to post my blogs for a couple of days. Posting will resume at the weekend when I'm sure I'll have loads to tell you.