Saturday, 9 July 2011

Shiny Happy People Laughing

Woke up around three this morning with searing pain between my shoulder blades and gasping for breath. Tried everything to get rid of it but in the end had to wake Peter up and ask him to fetch me some paracetamol. Finally subsided about a hour later and slept until eight. Still very sore but feeling better, no idea what it was but suspect it might have had something to do with the pile of pasta I ate after a four day fast.

Overall feeling so much better today, positively perky in fact. Cooked a huge pasta with meatballs in tomato sauce and then went off to Costco with the boys. Primarily Laurence wanted to look at appliances etc for the house he hasn't bought yet. He knows that he won't have to buy a lot of stuff initially as we have items in the loft that we'd put aside for when one of the boys moved out. There is crockery, saucepans, kettle and even a microwave. All in good working order but discarded because they were big, small or just not liked. I suppose it is only natural that he'd want to look at new stuff, even if not entirely practical. Keeping that in mind I still haven't worked out how I came home with twelve chocolate muffins, a kilo of strawberries, half a pint of cream and a jar of jelly beans. All I can say is NEVER let me out shopping when I haven't eaten for a few days.

I must say it was fun looking at the washing machines and sandwich makers and all the stuff I usually whizz past. Laurence kept diving off shouting 'look at that! I've got to have that' and his excitement was quite infectious. For me it was the free tastings that grabbed my attention and I tried everything, often bribing one of the boys to go back and get me a second sample. The one thing that really got me going though was pieces of chicken in Reggae Reggae sauce. Heaven in a little plastic pot. It was so delicious I had to be dragged away from the stand or I'd have commandeered the lot. Unfortunately being Costco you couldn't buy just one bottle and even I couldn't eat the amount they were selling so I'm going to get a bottle from Tesco and try it out next week. The comedy moment, and there is always one when we are all out together, was provided by Andrew.  He was walking around with his sunglasses on his head, a la St Tropez, when he suddenly did this enormous sneeze that sent his glasses flying down the aisle. An old couple were pushing their trolley towards us and as they past the old boy gave a really dirty chuckle and muttered bless you boy and carried on shoulders shaking with laughter. The glasses were retrieved and we continued with a bright red Andrew in tow. We were still laughing about it on the way home. And on top of all that I managed to make it around the store without the help of a wheelchair. Brilliant!

The only downside is I'm still getting sore when driving. Today I put a large pad of gauze over my dressing and then used the padded cover on the seat belt. It was better than just the cover but I still felt sore afterwards. Peter is wondering whether it is just that everything is still healing but I'd have thought it had done all that by now. I'll just have to ask Carl when I see him next.

All in all a good day and now taco's for tea, followed by a very large chocolate muffin and an evening dipping into the jelly beans. Well someone has to eat them.