Friday, 22 July 2011

Do You Sleep At Night? I Doubt It.

Had a better night's sleep last night but was awake by five, still it gave me plenty of time to sort myself out and instead of arriving stressed and breathless I was serenity itself. Not a bad morning, ventured over to the other side of the building to buy an apple from the canteen during my break, a journey that was off limits to me before I went sick, and was delighted to find that I did it without a hint of breathlessness. Things are definitely on the up at last. It was pretty quiet for a Friday but being the last day of school I suspect things will get busy over the weekend as kids celebrate their freedom.

Arrived home at one and was starving so nicked one of my son's ready meals. That'll teach me to be lazy, how do they eat that stuff? I managed only half of something claiming to be Ricotta and Spinach Cannelloni before coming over all queasy. The rest went in the bin, that will be the very last time I try stuff like that.

My drug delivery arrived and once again they got it wrong, no bungs and no 50 ml syringes. A quick phone call and they will be arriving next week.

Spent the afternoon watching events unfold in Norway on Sky News. How awful, I can't imagine how confused and frightened the kids on Utoya island must be. To some extent I can undestand the bomb attack on government buildings. If you work for government, any government, it is given that you and the buildings you work in are targets, that is the risk you take for being employed, but fifteen year old kids? What have they ever done to anyone? What makes this attack even more shocking is that the country it is happening in is not one of the usual targets. I do not understand the mentality of those that carry out such violence to fellow human beings, How do they live normally knowing what they have done, usually to people who are entirely innocent of any wrong doing? I just hope that there are not many deaths or injuries and that they catch the morons responsible.

Andrew finished year twelve today and is now home for the holidays and planning a weekend of sloth. His AS level results will be out on the 19th of August so hopefully we are going to have a peaceful few weeks before the nerves kick in. I hope he does well, there is no reason why he shouldn't have but exams can do funny things to people. What's done is done and now all we can do is hope.

Laurence came home full of news. He has a friend who's mum is a solicitor and she has agreed to do Laurence's conveyencing for him for one hundred pounds less than any of the solicitors he's contacted. He was hoping to have heard some news from the seller but I pointed out that they probably had other things on thier minds seeing as they are getting married tomorrow. To be honest I think Laurence has been extremely patient I just hope they come back with a definite answer on Monday so one way or another Laurence can move on.

After a lovely sunny drive in to work this morning the clouds have been gathering all day and now it is bucketing down, again! Peter has been working on his car all day, changing the oil etc. He has dashed outside in a bit of a flap as he's just remembered that he left the window open. Ohps! Apparently the passenger seat is soaking, my side, wouldn't you know it. Let's hope it is sunny again tomorrow so it can get dried out.