Friday, 15 July 2011

Sweet Dreams Are Made Of This

Did I sleep last night or did I sleep last night. I started halfway through Eastenders then was woken up for traffic cops (which was filmed in my county), missed the ten o'clock news completely and only have vague recollections of Torchwood. When my head hit the pillow I was out for the count and woke up at half past eight in exactly the same position I'd gone to sleep in. I have a bit of a stiff shoulder but otherwise I'm quite bright and bouncy and ready for the next four hours this afternoon.

There has been some debate about the rate of my returning to work and my supervisor was very concerned that it might be a bit quick expecting me to do a ten hour day six weeks from now. So to clear everything up I phoned the hospital and spoke to one of my consultants. He was fine with the phased return my employers had come up with but said that only I could assess how I was coping. As long as I am sensible and pull back on the hours if they start getting to much he doesn't have a problem. Excellent, after all the meds are supposed to make me feel well enough to continue with normal life and hopefully that's what they will do. He also reminded me that I am still only on half dose at the moment and they will be increasing this over the six week period so by the time I reach the 10 hours I should be feeling better than I do now anyway.

Had a really busy afternoon. Came home feeling totally wiped out but really happy. I missed the hustle and bustle, the gossip and of course the company. The general public can be a bit of a pain at times but without them I wouldn't have a job so can't really complain.

Arrived home to find that Laurence has put an offer on one of the houses we saw on Wednesday. It's the last one we saw which we all agreed was the best. He put in an artificially low offer which was immediately rejected so went back with an offer closer to the asking price. This offer is now under consideration and he should hear by Monday. Naturally he is very excited about the whole thing. All we can do is keep our fingures crossed and hope.

Andrew had a less successful day as his whey allergy has flared up again making him feel sick and giving him nasty stomach cramps. He is usually very careful about what he eats but sometimes something slips through and upsets him. As always he can't remember what it might be so it's back on a light diet until it all calms down again, hopefully by Monday.

Off to treat myself with two, yes two, packets of pickled onion monster munch. I feel I deserve them. Then it's drug prep, a relaxing soak and an early night.