Tuesday, 26 July 2011

Crash, Bang, Wallop!

Well all chances of having a lie in were dramatically shattered this morning when the police decided to do an early morning raid on one of the houses in the close opposite me. Where did they park their van? Outside my house of course and a noisy lot they were too, doors banging and clanking and last minute instructions before they dashed across the road and started hammering on the door. Since then there has been a hive of activity with plain clothes and uniform going in and out, some carrying large evidence bags.

I can't say I'm surprised. The family have been a notorious blip on the village for years, we were warned about them by a friendly neighbour when we moved in over twenty years ago. Then it was the father causing problems, an old fashion crook who held court in the local pub, he never hit a woman but was reportedly vicious with anyone who crossed him and rumours were rife about dodgy car businesses and a brisk trade in fencing, and I don't mean the wooden kind. It was unfortunate for Laurence that he went to school with this man's son and like every other kid in the village soon became a victim of bullying. As they got older the son became more and more violent and was eventually expelled from school. From there he graduated to drug dealing but like daddy was Teflon coated. The suspicion was there, all the signs were there but no one could prove it until today it seems. No doubt the rumour mill is already in full swing and it won't be long before someone tells us their version of what happened. If it is drugs and this boy gets convicted it will be ironic that Laurence now works on the drugs wing of the local prison. Talk about table being turned.

Well our trip has got off to a good start with Peter accidentally kicking a door frame last night and removing a big chunk of his toe. It is very sore so the driving is going to be down to me. I'm going to have to stick a huge pad over the line site and hope for the best. I've got all my drugs sorted and ready to be packed. I'm taking double of everything I need just in case, you can never be to careful.

Laurence is giving blood for the first time today, he has tried twice before but the first occasion was just after his car crash and they turned him down. The second time he'd just had Hepatitis vaccinations and so was turned down again. Third time lucky. Hope it goes OK and he gets his wish of a pretty nurse he can chat up. Yesterday on his way to work he had a small accident at a junction when a 'dozy cow' reversed into him to let a lorry, that had plenty of room anyway, turn. Laurence was dressed in full uniform at the time and as he got out of the car the woman nearly fainted thinking she'd hit a policeman. Thankfully little damage, a scratch on the bumper for Laurence and a cracked number plate for her.

Well short but sweet, will post again on 28th.