Tuesday, 12 July 2011

Waxing Lyrical

Another day another photo. This one shows the pump with the cassette attached, that is the black lump at the bottom. The cassette is removed and thrown away every twelve hours. The long line is the bit that attaches the pump to me. The white cylinder bit is the air trap, it is not a good idea to have air bubbles in your blood, while the smaller white bit is the clip that stops the flow of the drug so it doesn't pour over everything when discarded. The two pence coin is to show scale. Simples!

Still no word from IKEA.

Had a bit of a run in with my beauty salon. After weeks of not being well enough to have anything done parts of me resemble one of our tree swinging cousins so having got the all clear to return to work I figured I'd also be well enough for a bit of waxing and nail painting. I phoned up to order the works at my usual salon and was looking forward to feeling more feminine again, they had other ideas. As usual the receptionist asked a few health questions and when I explained about the line she went all quiet. She asked me to hold while she presumably went to consult with the girl I was being booked in with. When she returned she offered a lot of platitudes but the basic message was 'we would not touch you with a barge pole'. All I wanted was a below the knee leg wax, a pedicure and a manicure, all miles from the line site but no they were not having it so I hung up fuming. However this left me with a hairy little problem so this afternoon I bought myself one of those epilators. It was expensive but I reasoned that after three or four uses it would pay for itself and at least I could do it when I wanted in the comfort of my own home. I'm a bit dubious about the pain but reasoned it can't be worse than waxing, can it?

Another Tuesday and another trip to vampire alley for a Warfarin check. However it does do my heart good to know that I am single handedly giving the over 60's something new and exciting to gossip about.
'See that girl (she won points for that one) the one with the long hair.'
'What the one over there?' (points straight at me)
'Yes that one, she's got a tube coming out of her shirt and going into that bag she's carrying.'
'Ohhh really?' (stares right at me making no attempt to be subtle)
'She must have something really wrong with her to have a tube.'
'Why isn't she in hospital with it?'
'They make them look after themselves these days.'
'Yes shame.'
'I wouldn't have it though, you could tell me I'd got the worst disease in the world and you wouldn't catch me with one of them.'
 'No, it's not right to have to walk around with one of them. Wonder what she's got.'
At this point a third pensioner joins them.
'Hello Margaret, do you see that girl over there, the one with the long hair........'  Bless em.

A quick trip to Tesco and then home. By some lucky chance they had bottles of Reggae Reggae sauce on special offer to I ended up with two bottle but never mind. However here is a warning, NEVER, no matter how much you love it, nick a teaspoon from the bottle and stick it all in your mouth at once. I still have no feeling in my tongue and the inside of my cheeks feel as though they have been skinned. Still delicious though.

Off house hunting with Laurence tomorrow, cannot wait.