Monday, 11 July 2011

Doctor, Doctor, Give Me The News

Still not a word from Ikea which doesn't surprise me, well actually it does. Even Halfords managed an immediate automated response so at least I knew my message had got to the right place.

We were woken up by the phone at five to six this morning and fearing the worst Peter made a dash for the study. The phone rang off before he got there but the phone log showed up as Laurence's place of work. We were rather annoyed about this as Laurence is on annual leave at the moment so they shouldn't have been calling him at all. He goes back on Monday and will be having a word. Whatever it was they wanted this morning couldn't have been that important as they failed to ring back. Thanks a lot!

Well today was the big day and after lunch I drove to Bedford to meet with the doctor. We were sitting there chatting when he suddenly spotted my line "oh my God, you've got a Hickman line!" Obviously the person referring me had neglected to mention this. The questions then centered around what care I needed during the day and how I was going to be eased into work. In the end he agreed that there was no reason why I shouldn't try a return to work. We came up with a plan of a slow six week period of gradual increases with the reassurance that if I felt I needed longer then there would not be any problem with that. Once again he was nothing but kindness and understanding.

I don't normally comment about celebrity silliness but I feel I have no choice. Harper Seven? Yet another example of why persons with a combined IQ of lower than 50 should not be allowed to name thier children by themselves. Seriously though what was she thinking? There are some beautiful traditional and modern names such as Amy, Summer or, yes, Victoria so was there really any need to name the child as though it were a new brand of toilet cleaner? It is the baby I really feel sorry for. Her school days are going to be hell, I just wish these idiot celebrity parents would consider their child for a change instead of constantly trying to grab headlines.

You may have noticed that I've added a new photograph to my blog. This is a picture of all the equipment I use in my daily drug preparation and dressing change. In the picture from the top left hand corner you'll find,
three small green packets, these are alcohol wipes to sterilise pieces of equipment such as bungs.
1 packet with orange strips is the clean dressing.
Top right hand corner is the long line and directly underneath two cassettes that fit to the pump and hold the  drug once it's been mixed.
Under the small green packets are two sterilised dressing packs that hold swabs used for cleaning and a plastic tray to hold bits and pieces during the procedure.
Two boxes of the drug are next and underneath them two 50ml syringes, two 10ml syringes and four needles.
Finally a small sachet of cleaning fluid with which to swab the entry site before putting the clean dressing on and three packets of surgical gloves. No wonder this treatment is so expensive.

Off to take some paracetamol, don't know how but I've pulled my shoulder and it is really painful. I am such a clutz.