Saturday, 23 July 2011

Tears In Heaven

What a sad, sad day.

Ninety one people dead in Norway, many of them in their teens and the toll may still rise as therev are many seriously injured.The horrific events in Norway were played on TV's at work for most of the morning. It shows what a major event this is as we are rarely allowed to watch TV while working. Everyone was shocked and we discussed the hows and whys. It was heart breaking seeing the death toll rise and watching the shocked faces of the survivors.

Some will say the death of Amy Winehouse was neither shocking or unexpected. I will disagree with that because any death of someone so young is always shocking. As for it being unexpected well maybe I would agree with that though to be honest I have always expected Pete Docherty to be the one to pass away first. Amy's death is currently unexplained though I suspect everyone who knew of her has a good idea of the cause. I loved her voice and her music, it is such a pity neither seemed to make her happy. I hope she is now at peace.

The nurse has been charged and remanded in custody over the deaths of five patients. I suspect no one will ever really know why she did it, maybe she doesn't even know why herself.

Is it a full moon? Today seems to be a day when all the nutcases came out to play, we were no busier than other Saturday's in fact I think it was quieter than normal but the things that did come our way varied from the unusual to the truly weird. I lost count of how many times I was shouted or sworn at in the end. Hopefully tomorrow will be better.

I am really tired, I'm still not sleeping well. I go to bed exhausted but as soon as I turn off the light and my head hits the pillow I'm wide awake. It was well past midnight before I dropped off last night and I was awake before six. This afternoon I dropped off while watching the TV and slept for an hour. I had thought my lack of ability to sleep was down to lack of activity but that cannot be the explaination now, whatever the cause I hope it sorts itself out soon.

I am worried about Tarmac, when stroking him this morning I found a lump on his neck, it is about the size of a small grape and doesn't seem to be bothering him. Smirnoff had a lump on his neck last year which turned out to be benign but was removed anyway. I'm hoping that this is the same sort of thing but only a trip to the vet will put my mind at rest. I hate taking the cats to the vet but I really, really hate taking Tarmac. He howls all the way there and all the way back and it sounds as though I'm murdering him. When I do get him there he has to be dragged out of his cat box and usually pees on the table out of fear. When we get home he sulks and refuses to come near me for a couple of days because it is all my fault that the nasty man stuck a thermometer where the sun don't shine. He gets so stressed that I only take him if I really have to and I think this time I really am going to have to.

Andrew did a ten mile run this afternoon and is now so stiff he can hardly stand. When I asked him why he said he didn't realise how far he'd gone until he started back. Wish I was as fit as he is, maybe if I did a ten mile run I'ds get some sleep.