Tuesday, 1 May 2012

Sunshine On A Rainy Day

It was a joyous drive into work yesterday. The sun shone, the cherry blossom was in full bloom and fields of rape seed filled the horizon like a bright yellow carpet. It wasn't to last though and seven hours later, on the drive home, clouds began to gather. By the time I settled down to watch Eastenders, the rain was back.

Over the weekend we've had more flood warnings than the county has rivers and countless people ringing up asking if they should evacuate. Of course with the rain there have been plenty of people doing really stupid things so the main problem I've been dealing with is car crashes.

I was really glad that from today I've got four days of rest and relaxation. Although I only worked three days this week, due to hospital appointments, I'm shattered. The last four days off were not exactly restful with three being in hospital and one waiting anxiously for a phone call. So I started today off with a relaxing bath bomb and face mask and just soaked for an hour letting my mind roam where it wished. Then the phone rang and I went rigid, with all the problems at work I'd managed to forget I was waiting on a phone call from Harefield to discuss the dreaded RHC. The call wasn't for me but bang goes any chance of relaxing today.

On Sunday I stumbled across The Voice, I haven't been watching but everyone at work seems to like it so I thought I'd give it a go. Personally I think it should be renamed 'The Scream' most were belting it out with so much force I couldn't even identify the tune.I'll be giving it a miss from now on. When did shouting take over from actual singing?

The BBC have announced that they will be showing non stop Olympics from 0600 - 2300 EVERY SINGLE DAY! They only plan to break for news programmes, and while this happens Olympic coverage will be switched to BBC 2. Ordinary programmes will be 'rested' or switched to BBC 2, though maybe not at their regular times. The BBC then goes on to say that they are not 'pushing the Olympics down viewers throats'. How do they figure that one out? I just hope the weather is good, I'd prefer to sit in the sun with a good book and a glass of something cold.

Talking of disruption, the English Defence League and Unite Against Facism are planning their annual get together in Luton on Saturday, joy!

The cats have finally stopped trying to kill each other but are now leaving little tufts of fur everywhere they go, lethal if your work uniform is mostly black and your cat is mostly white. Peter has to sellotape me down every morning before I leave for work. Unsurprisingly they are not that keen on going out at the moment and spend most of their day asleep on the bed. Yesterday though I went down into the dining room to find Smirnoff stretched out in a narrow patch of sun, seems I'm not the only one missing the opportunity to sunbathe.

Andrew has finally got down to some serious revision and has even asked me to start testing him. I was beginning to worry as he has been so unsettled of late so I am heartily relieved at this change of attitude.

As I still can't get out into the garden, which is beginning to resemble a waterlogged jungle, I've decide to turn my hand to trying another cake. It may not be pretty but it will keep me busy as I wait for the call. I will let you know the results, of both, tomorrow.