Friday, 4 May 2012

A Quick Fix

Yesterday's trip to Tesco was uneventful but I was surprised to find they have started charging a pound for a trolley, which you get back when it is returned. Typically the one coin neither of us had was a pound coin so it meant a quick trip into the store and a queue at customer services to change our tens and twenties into something we could use. Obviously my mind was one something else because when I got home I realised that I'd forgotten a few important items. We passed a Tesco on our way home so popped in and picked up the missing bits and pieces along with a choccy treat for me. Talking of choccy treats I've finally put on some weight, a whole pound, now I've just got to make sure I don't loose it again.

Slept like a log last night so obviously my subconscious is nowhere near as worried about my leak as my conscious is. No dreams but somehow in the middle of the night I had kicked off all the covers onto Pete's side so Peter woke up sweltering and I was freezing.

I looked at the ironing but decided it could wait until I got back from the hospital, as I'd been told the repair would take minutes I reckoned I'd be home in plenty of time for that pleasure later in the afternoon and if the worst came to the worst and I was left waiting hours I'd just do the essentials that I need for work and Andrew needs for school. Andrew has ironed his own shirts before but they usually look like they've been run over and have more creases than he started with.

Well today is the day I had to go and get my line repaired, had no idea what to expect so took a change of dressing, spare line and bung just in case. Thankfully there were no traffic problems either in or out of London despite it being a bank holiday. Once at the hospital I had a brief wait before being shown into the treatment room. The change over was really, really quick and I was disconnected from my pump for all of a minute. I had to wait around for thirty minutes or so afterwards to make sure my pump was running without blockages or leaks and was free to go, oh nearly forgot. I also had to have a blood test to check for infection.

So another drama done and dusted. One heads up though for those of you with Hickman or Groshlong lines. Never clean them with alcohol wipes, it melts the glue around the connectors. Wash with normasol instead.