Wednesday, 2 May 2012

Don't Just Say It, Do It!

Well the call came at two and after a lengthy discussion the date of 23rd May was set for the dreaded RHC. At least I don't have too long to wait and wind myself up. Two problems though, it is the date of Andrew's first exam so I've had to notify the exams office, and it is slap in the middle of my four days at work. Ah well you can't have everything.

Being unable to relax yesterday I did all the chores instead but didn't get round to my cake making. I now have three days with nothing to do except the weekly dash around Tesco's. So I decided to start again and spent a good hour relaxing in the bath with a book and a bath bomb and this time no phone call cut me short. Then it was on to the computer to answer all the emails I didn't get around to yesterday. Lunch will be a simple pasta, then an afternoon of catching up on my TV programmes awaits. Tomorrow is the Tesco dash and another TV day on Friday. I must try doing all my chores on day one again. It really makes a difference.

In the news it appears Facebook has launched a forum where people can join the Organ Donor register and then have the fact that they are a donor put on their time line. The hope is that this will encourage more donors which is an admirable aspiration. Although I applaud their efforts I can't help wondered how many will join because 'all their friends have' and it is 'a trendy thing to do' without really knowing what it means. Increasing awareness is something to be encouraged and we desperately need more donors but people should not sign up unless they are in full possession of the facts. It should also be noted that you can have the 'Organ Donor' tag added to your time line without actually having signed up to the register which seems a bit pointless to me.

Also in the News the unending saga that is Maddie McCann. It is now thought that Maddie is still alive and living with another family somewhere, probably Europe. There is no real evidence to support this apart from the fact the Portuguese police were a bit slap dash in their original investigation. I'm not going to go through all that happened or what I think happened but I do think there are two points that really need to be thought about.

Firstly how do Maddie's siblings feel to still be on the back burner of their parents minds while they relentlessly grasp every straw that's pushed in front of them. Are the siblings beginning to resent Maddie? Of course the opposite might be true and they have been smothered by overly protective parents. Either way the atmosphere must be damaging no matter how much the parents protest that they are keeping things as normal as possible. And bringing it up year after year cannot be helping matters.

Secondly, if, and it is a big if, Maddie is alive she was taken so young that whoever she is living with now she must regard as her natural parents. How traumatic will it be for her, should she be found, when she is ripped away from all that she loves and is familiar to her and thrust into the arms of strangers? She may not even speak English anymore and so will not even be able to communicate with her real parents. How much is that going to mess up a young mind?

I have been fortunate not to have lost a child in the way the McCann's have but I can understand the need to know what happened, being stuck in limbo must be terrible. However I think the time has come to accept that they may never know what happened and concentrate on the children they are fortunate enough to still have.

Well lunch time approaches time for pasta and Bargin Hunt, you can't beat it.