Wednesday, 30 May 2012

Coiled Spring

Well all in all it has been a busy day. First up an ECHO swiftly followed by an x ray and blood tests. Then there was an endless parade of doctor's who all looked at me as though they have never seen a person with PH before, which is worrying considering I'm on a PH ward.

Last night was a bit fraught. Just as I was settling down with my music player for a bit of a chill a young nurse rocked up and started fussing, I hate being fussed over but she was like a gnat that you wave away only for it to return later. We had a couple of minor tussles when she first announced she was going to change my dressing before changing her mind and deciding to change my line and my dressing so everything is fresh for the RHC. I virtually had to fight her off. Once I'd explained very carefully that my line is permanent and I do all my own wound care she backed off and disappeared. Ten minutes later she was back trying to give me a large dose of warfarin as my INR readings were low. I explained very carefully that I'd been told to stop warfarin on Sunday in prepration for my RHC on Thursday. She wouldn't take my word for it and called for back up in the form of the duty registrar. I prepared for battle until I saw that the registrar was the very same doctor who had confirmed with me earlier that day that I had stopped the treatment. I didn't see the nurse again and it was a different nurse who turned up to do my final checks of the night.

After all the tests I finally got fed up of being exhibit number one so after lunch, lasagne which was delicious by the way, I took my book and wandered over to the park and sat on a sunny bench for a couple of hours. I could almost fool myself into thinking I was in my own back garden, it was so relaxing. It wasn't to last though and big black clouds started to roll in accompanied by a pretty cutting wind. Soon it was too cold and windy to stay in the park so I reluctantly made my way back to the ward to find one of my consultants waiting to see me.

After much discussion and weighing up of the risks they still cannot give me a general BUT they can heavily sedate me to the point of unconciousness and for everyone's sake and piece of mind that is what they are going to do. He said the stress of trying to do it while I was still awake might be so great as to affect the test so it would be better if I were as relaxed as possible. I feel a bit better knowing that I am probably not going to know a thing about it so my nerves are not as shattered as they were first thing this morning.

The rest of the day has been pretty boring as most hospital stays are. The clouds have cleared a bit so I may well venture back over to the park again later as I feel more relaxed there than on the ward. Tonight I'm going to make good use of BBC's iPlayer to watch The Apprentice and catch up on Eastenders.

I'm nil by mouth from midnight so I'm off the shop to buy a little late night feast so I can snack while watching my favourite programmes. If that doesn't take my mind off things, nothing will. Just think next time I blog it will all be over, unless they cancel that is.