Wednesday, 16 May 2012

Down, Down, Deeper And Down

Not been feeling myself the last couple of days. Don't think it is anything to do with my line leak, which is now safely sealed, but more to do with the cold that is doing the rounds at work. I was fine on Monday, came over all weepy on Tuesday and am exhausted today. I'm so tired that I actually had to come home from work, don't think I've ever had to do that before, at least not in a very long time.

Work was OK, I'm still on eight hours but found them to be a real struggle this week. I think I've been rather overwhelmed by events, with the split in the line, again, and the upcoming RHC everything has got to be a bit too much. Everyone says I'm so 'brave' and so 'positive' but you can't be 'brave' and 'positive' all the time, eventually something has to give and I think I'm going through one of those stages. You know, the stage where you just want everything to stop, you want all the pills and machines and pain, and doctors to just do one and leave you alone. What I wouldn't give to wake up and find I can breath normally and feel really well. Maybe one day, who knows.

Does anyone think that the fire at the Williams garage following the Spanish Grand Prix can be anything other than arson? The Spanish fans do not take kindly to their local hero being beaten, especially by a relative newcomer in a team way below the mighty Ferrari. I have no doubt the FIA will investigate and then say it was an accident due to a faulty something or other. After all they don't want to insult their hosts. I also have no doubt that Alonso and Ferrari are completely innocent of any wrong doing but I can't say the same for their supporters.

Still haven't heard from the hospital about going in to repair my leak, it is probably going to be Friday now unless they call early tomorrow to get me in after lunch. I'm not worried as I've sealed everything off, I'll just be happier once it is done properly.

If it were not for The Apprentice I'd be in bed early tonight but I've been looking forward to it all week so no way I'm missing it. I so hope I feel better tomorrow, if not then it is off the the GP, better safe than sorry.