Wednesday, 9 May 2012

All By Myself

Woo Hoo! I've got the house to myself today. Andrew is at school and Peter is at work so it is just little old me to do as she pleases for a whole day.

It has been a very odd weekend. Because Monday was a bank holiday everyone kept thinking it was Sunday and so confusion reigned, at least for me. We started the week with two marches through one of our town centers. The English Defense League and the Unite Against Fascism matches fortunately never actually met, despite some valiant attempts on both sides to do so, and the day passed peacefully. After heaving a big sigh of relief we were soon back to shop lifting and those wretched bloody mini motorcycles, honestly whoever thought those up ought to be locked up. To top it all it was also a full moon so we also had more than our fair share of the weird and wonderful.

I upped my hours from seven to eight and despite a stressful couple of rest days coped better than I thought I would. Thought tired coming home last night I didn't feel exhausted as I have done previously so I think eight hours are OK for me, at least for now.

So to my day of freedom.

Although I was up early, because Peter was up early for work, I started well. I enjoyed breakfast in bed with a leisurely read of the paper and then had a long soak with a bath bomb and book. It all went a bit downhill from there and by nine thirty I'd cleaned the bathroom, stripped the beds and put the laundry on, filled the dishwasher, washed up the stuff that can't go in the dishwasher and made the beds. I don't know what it is but I just cannot relax if I see jobs that need doing and with no one to shout at me to 'leave it' I had a whale of a time. However I think this has played to my advantage because by ten I had nothing else I could physically do by myself so the rest of the day really was all mine. My dilemma  was how to use this rare opportunity. If the weather had been nice there would be no contest, a bit of gentle weeding followed by a snooze on the sun lounger with a good book and nice drink or two.The weather being crap as usual I settled for a couple of DVD's and a catch up on Neighbours and Britain's Got Talent. So not that much different from what I usually do but I didn't have to watch anyone else doing the housework so could for once be lazy without feeling guilty.

In the news it is plain that the powers that be are getting twitchy about security during the Olympics (if it were me I'd be more worried about the weather). To heighten our fears America announces that they have foiled a plot to blow up a plane with an 'underpant bomb'. Really? There are many places one could possibly hid a bomb about ones person but in your underpants! Personally I am a little bit suspicious about the timing of this announcement. Could it be that they are trying to frighten us into accepting more draconian measures on our freedom 'for the period of the games' only to forget to relax them again afterwards.

On a more positive note it seems Dustin Hoffman saved the life of a jogger having a heart attack. I like Dustin Hoffman as an actor and am pleased to find that he isn't too grand to step in and help in a crisis. He also didn't advertise the fact being modest enough to keep quiet and just walk away as soon as he knew the jogger would be OK. How many celebs would do that I wonder? I suspect there are a good proportion who would instantly get themselves booked on every talk show going to talk about their 'ordeal'.

Talking of celebs it is time for me to take to the sofa and watch a few going through their paces. Bye.