Thursday, 31 May 2012

Out Of My Hands

I did it! After having the panic attack from hell early in the morning I became unusually calm, for me, and was able to have the procedure without being knocked out or indeed having any sedation. This time I asked for and was allowed my music and not hearing what they were doing helped enormously. I even plucked up enough courage to take a look at the screens and saw my arteries suddenly appear as dye was pushed through them.

Afterwards I had to lie flat for four hours but was allowed to eat and drink. Drinking wasn't a problen thanks to a straw but eating a cheese sandwich ended up with the sheets getting more of it than I did. Grated cheese was everywhere, in my hair, all over the pillow and even on the floor. After two hours I was allowed to sit up a little bit and the pressure dressing on my leg began to throb.

My release came and after the pressure dressing was removed, a relief in itself, I was allowed to dress and then walked around the ward with a nurse in tow just in case I 'had a turn'. A quick check of the wounds revealed no bleeding or swelling so I was allowed to go down stairs and buy some biscuits as I was still hungry. Supper tonight is 'luxury' mousakka and I really don't care what it tastes like I will devour it in seconds.

So now things are completely out of my hands. I've been told that my pressures are 70, normal pressures are 20-25 so they are quite high. The good news is that my coronary arteries are 'perfect' and so clear they could belong to someone half my age. The repair I had done as a child couldn't be found so they concluded that my body has grown over it sealing it permanently. My right side is performing well considering the strain it is under and my left side is unchanged. All this is good news and none of the findings should stop me having a transplant.

So now it is back to the waiting game. There is a big 'multi disciplinary' meeting tomorrow morning where my case will be discussed, whether that includes Harefield doctors I don't know. If it does I could find out if I'm on the list tomorrow. If it doesn't then I know Harefield have their meeting on a Thursday so I'll probably know next week. Whatever happens, one way or another I'll be told by the end of the month. I just hope it is a yes and all the aggrivation was worth it.

In the news I'm dismayed to hear that the parents of the six children who died in Derby have been charged. In all honesty I cannot say I'm surprised as all too often in cases like this it is a close relative that has done the deed. How they will ever be able to live with themseves I don't know. Why they did it will eventually come out but I'm still betting an attempt to force the council into giving them larger accommodation will be the cause. One thing is for sure the remaining children will end up in care, how sad.

I'm looking forward to a good night's sleep tonight, I think i deserve it.