Friday, 18 May 2012

Heaven's Just A Whisper Away

I've put on weight, at last! I now weigh seven and a half stone or approx fifty kilos. My clinical team are going to be delighted. I'm still below the eight stone they would like me to be but at least I'm making progress. They want me to put weight on to help me get through the first few days after transplant as I'll be eating nothing during that time. Must say that has cheered me up.

I still have my cold but it is no better or worse than it was yesterday so I'm holding off going to the GP just yet.I have a feeling it is going to be one of those horrible colds that never develop properly but just hang around for weeks making you feel under the weather but not ill enough to stay off work. Another day of doing nothing planned, I'm determined this cold is not going to beat me.

The mystery as to why I haven't heard from the hospital was solved yesterday by an e mail from my specialist nurse. He fell ill himself on Monday and only returned to work yesterday. He is currently making frantic arrangements to try and get me seen asap, if not this afternoon then first thing next Monday. I knew there was something up, they are usually so good at getting me in the silence was unusual.

My relaxing afternoon at home didn't quite materialise yesterday when I suddenly remembered I had an opticians appointment. I've been having trouble with my new distance glasses. The reading glasses are perfect, as are my contacts so I figured it must be something to do with the glasses themselves rather than me. After twenty minutes the optician admitted defeat, my prescription hasn't changed, the mistake is their's. They have corrected for an astigmatism I haven't got. So I'm without my new glasses for another week while they fix it. As I was already out we went to do our weekly shop and then returned home for a teatime treat of Nachos smothered in salsa and melted cheese, delicious.

Watching the news later we were both shocked and saddened to hear of the death of Donna Summer. Like most people my age her songs were part of the sound track to my teenage years and I remember giggling with some friends over the moans and groans of her hit 'Love To Love', we thought they were terribly risqué. Goes to show how innocent we were back then despite following on from the decade that brought the 'sexual revolution'. You listen to some songs these days and it is like listening to the sound track of a porn film, can't help thinking that we had more 'fun' than teenagers do today.

Another blown came this morning with news of the death of seven year old Molly taken by PH. All deaths from PH are horrible but it is when you hear of it taking a child that you really know what it means to hate this illness. At least I had a chance to marry, have kids, travel and enjoy life before PH overtook me. Molly has been denied all that and never really knew what it was like to be well. My thoughts are with her parents.

So I'm sitting here waiting for a phone call from the hospital, I seem to spend my life waiting for things, and wondering what to do for lunch. My cold is making me fussy and has dampened my appetite, bad news for my weight gain programme so I'm thinking cheesy omelets. They are quick and easy and I won't have to worry about abandoning them to got to the hospital in a hurry. I can just stuff the mixture in the fridge and we can have them for tea when we get back instead.

Got a pile of ironing in the airing cupboard calling my name but I just cannot be bothered at the moment, I will have to get it done tomorrow though as I have Laurence coming for lunch on Sunday and I don't want to be up to my ears in laundry while he's here.

Ah well the kitchen is calling even if the hospital isn't, will update tomorrow.