Sunday, 13 May 2012

I Should Be So Lucky.

I cannot believe my luck. Woke up this morning with huge patches on my white top, yes my line has split, again! The difference is I didn't panic as I did last time. I just calmly put on an emergency repair and contacted the hospital. As it is Sunday they can't do anything of course, so they will be contacting me on Monday with a view of going down either Tuesday or Wednesday for yet another repair. They don't seem that worried so I will keep an eye on it, treat my line with kid gloves and not worry either. I can't tell you how fed up I feel right now. No problems for a year and then two line failures within a week. My only consolation is that the new line must be faulty to fail so quickly as I've been mega careful with it. So it is back to hospital again this week and then hospital the week after for the dreaded RHC. I feel as though I'm living just to spend time in hospitals at the moment.

It's the Spanish Grand Prix and I'm horrified that Lewis Hamilton has been sent to the very back of the grid for a mistake his team made. Call me paranoid but I can't help thinking that if it were anywhere else but Spain it would have been the standard ten place punishment and a fine for the team. I hoped he'd finish ahead of Alonso, that would have made my day. Unfortunately it wasn't to be but at least Alonso didn't win.

Watched the final of Britain's Got Talent and was saddened to see that the brilliant opera singers Charlotte and Jonathan were pipped at the post by a dog. The world has officially gone crazy. Still I suppose it's better than being beaten by any of the other acts. The choir Only Boys Aloud apart, the 'talent' was sadly lacking and it was probably the worst final I've ever seen.

Andrew returned home from his party this morning bleary eyed but quite cheerful and with everything still intact. He had a brilliant time by all accounts but his attempts to do any serious revision this afternoon have been dashed as he can hardly keep his eyes open. I suspect it will be early to bed for him tonight, and me as I have work tomorrow.

The weather, for a change was brilliant today. The wind was cooler than I'd like and the clouds kept rolling over but on the whole it remained sunny all day. The ground though is still terribly wet and although my line is now sealed I didn't want to take the risk of getting it caught or pulled so resisted any gardening. I did manage to get my washing out though so at least I'll have fresh, clean sheets to slip between tonight, lovely.

As I've said earlier I'm back to work tomorrow but only for three days, then I'm off for another four. I've decided to go in as I don't think anything will get done about my line tomorrow. The earliest will be Tuesday as they have to arrange for the doctor to be free to do the repair. If I get an earlier call I'll just have to take a day off. Bloody line, I so regret agreeing to have it put in and given the choice again, knowing what I know, my answer would be a resounding NO. Still what's done is done and I just have to get on with it, if only it was that simple.