Saturday, 12 May 2012

My What Big Feet You Have.

Today I went shoe shopping with Andrew, well not exactly shoe, more trainers. The process was a bit quick in the end, he saw a pair he really liked in John Lewis, noted the name and then went to the other shoe shops to see if he could find anything he liked better. There wasn't any so back we went, job done.

Although I was told when I rang yesterday that all the mobility scooters had been hired out, there were very few in evidence and the disabled bays were almost empty so either someone was telling porkies or there had been a mass no show. It didn't really matter, we got along just fine with the wheelchair, but I can't help thinking Andrew might have been willing to visit a few more shops if he hadn't had to push me.

Deciding to treat ourselves we went to Pizza Express for lunch and we were very pleasantly surprised. The pizzas are very authentic, much like the ones you can pick up at any roadside snack bar in Rome. I has a goat's cheese, mozzarella, caramelised onion and spinach on a wafer thin base. Andrew had pepperoni and jalapeƱo, while Peter had chicken and peppers both on the same thin base. They were absolutely delicious but a word of warning also massive. I ended up taking half of mine home in a box. I will finish it off tonight with a glass of wine while watching the Britain's Got Talent final. I haven't been to Pizza Hut in years and having discovered Pizza Express doubt I'll go there again. As for Domino's well, call that a pizza?

We arrived back mid afternoon and settled down to watch the qualifying for tomorrow's Spanish GP, I'd remember to record it, thank God. Felt really sorry for Button who only just missed out on a top ten place on the grid. Felt even sorrier for Hamilton, who broke down after pipping Alonso to pole, as he was subject to jeers and insults from the crowd. Honestly F1 is getting more like football every day.

Andrew is off to a party tonight so will be staying over, giving Peter and myself a rare night by ourselves. This is something we are going to have to get used to, in a blink of an eye he'll be off to uni. Before he went he asked me to test him on Biology. This would have gone better if I could have pronounced some of the words. He did quite well as far as I could tell but there are gaps, so he is going to have to get his head down over the next few weeks. Having said all that he came home proudly waving a mock paper yesterday with a big B on the front. This was for Psychology, which is his first exam, boosted his confidence no end. At least he looks as though he's got at least one subject nailed.

Well off for a cuppa and a piece of my pancake, I have to say it tastes really good even it it does look as though someone has sat on it.