Tuesday, 29 May 2012

Relax, Don't Do It

Well the big day is here and as yet it seems all systems are go. No phone calls, no last minute cancellations. However I won't believe I'm actually going to have the RHC until I'm on the table, I've been here far too many times before. I will be setting off after an early lunch as I'm not booked in until three this afternoon. Why they have to bring me in on Tuesday when I'm not being done until Thursday is a complete mystery.

The weather has reverted to it's normal gloomy self today with it being very overcast and significantly cooler. I don't mind though, I hate traveling into London when it is boiling and being on a hot stuffy ward with windows that only open an inch is no fun either.

The drive into London was horrendous as it seems preparations for the jubilee weekend are in full flow  already so I was late arriving. As soon as I got up to the ward I was whisked into a side room with a fabulous view and given a cup of tea. After all the usual admin one of the consultants rocked up and was very open with me. He told me that the only reason I need the tests is to help the transplant team decide how to deal with me during and immidiately after transplant. He reassured me that from the conversation he'd had with the transplant team I was a good candidate for transplant. Excellent news. We then discussed the possibility of me trying a new drug due out later this year. He's going to get me some info on it to help me decide. If it works I might be able to get rid of the line. That would be brilliant.

Shortly after the consultant arrived so did Carl. He said that if I wanted to I could go across to the park opposite the hospital and sit and enjoy the nice weather, this is a bit of a change, usually I'm not allowed out. I suspect operation 'keep Hazel as relaxed as possible' is in full swing. I didn't even have the usual tussle with the nurses about wanting to lock my meds away as I usually do. After seeing Peter off I went and sat on a bench in the courtyard and read quietly enjoying a sudden burst of sunshine. It wasn't long before thick clouds began rolling in and the air became still and stormy. I beat a retreat back up to the ward where I was presented with a little pot and told to do my thing, nice. After that I've been more or less left to my own devices, hence the blog. I suspect tomorrow will be busy though as I've several tests lined up starting with an ECHO at ten. If the weather is nice I might well get away from it all and sit in the park for a while, just for some quiet time on my own.

In the news the parents of the six children killed in a house fire in Derby have been arrested on suspicion of murder. Well that's a turn up for the books. I really felt sorry for them, especially for him but it seems they may not be the innocent victims they've tried to portray themselves as. It has been revealed that the parents have been trying to force the council into giving them a bigger house for quite sometime and had just had their request turned down again. Now I believe in innocent until proved guilty but to me this seems a bit suspicious. Could it be that they decided to set fire to the house to prove a point, or to damage it so badly the council had to re-house them? It is a possibility. If it was the parents then I have no doubt murder was not their intention and things went very badly wrong. I sincerely hope they are not guilty of this for their sake as much as for the remaining children.

The evening meal consisted of a pork chop with mash and cauliflower and although a bit 'firm' wasn't that bad. I would argue the word 'fresh' when attached to the fruit though. A slightly wrinkled apple doesn't quite cut it.

I've got the dubious delight of a rock hard boiled egg and rice krispies with warm milk for breakfast tomorrow. Joy