Saturday, 26 May 2012

Sunshine Came Creeping ......

Had a phone call from the hospital late yesterday, my first thought was that I was being canceled again. As it turned out the call was just to remind me to stop my Warfarin on Sunday in preparation. I was also told that I was going to have a left hand catheter as well as the RHC. Apparently concern has been expressed over the stability of the heart repair I had at the age of four and they want to check that it is still holding, I think I'd know by now if it were not. Ah well best to get it all done at once I suppose but because I'll be on the table longer I have to have another day in hospital, whoop de doop.

Andrew had a great time at his leavers do. He didn't win the three legged race but enjoyed it anyway. The afternoon was spent at the local pub and then the evening at a friend's party. He eventually arrived home hot and tired and with the beginning a sunburn. Now of course the hard work begins and he has a fortnight of pure study before his next exam.

Another lovely sunny day and I've ditched my tee shirts for shoe string straps and my joggers for shorts. I'm not supposed to expose my skin to too much sun as the drugs I'm taking makes me burn more easily so I'm careful. I don't got out during the hottest part of the day, except to have lunch on the decking which is in shade and at other times I smother myself in factor thirty and limit my time to an hour before diving for cover. To be fair I've never been a sun worshipper and would rather be cold than hot so this doesn't really bother me. Since getting PH I find extremes of heat even more difficult to cope with. Heat opens up the veins as the body tries to cool itself so my blood pressure plummets, as it is already artificially low due to the meds this tends to make me to feel faint. Also the hotter it gets the more difficult it is for me to breathe so I end up with a sweaty plastic tube across my face as I need more oxygen. Despite all this I love to spend a summery day out in the garden listening to the birds. It won't be quite as pleasant this year as I've been unable to sort the garden out but I've noticed more butterflies, bees and birds than we usually get so maybe this year I'll just keep the lawn in check and leave the rest to nature.

Lunch was a stir fry of beef, marinaded in grated fresh ginger and soy sauce, red and green peppers, carrot, mushroom, bean sprouts and egg noodles, delicious. We also took out a jug of iced tea, perfect for this weather. We sat around and chatted and felt totally relaxed, lovely. Afterwards Peter and I watched the Grand Prix qualifying from Monaco, which I'd recorded, while Andrew stayed outside and did some revision. He is trying to get a head start on his tan ready for his holiday in Bulgeria. When the GP had finished, disappointing for Button, great for Hamilton, I joined Andrew outside with a book and Peter went to finish working on his car, he is replacing the piston rings to cure a leak.

Unfortunately our peace was soon shattered by my next door neighbour mowing the lawn, but it wasn't for long and bird song soon took over. We were both highly amused when a bird turned up sounding just like R2D2. Everytime it started to sing we were in fits. It wasn't long before more mowers started up and then we began getting the first whiffs of barbecue so I retreated back indoors and watched the last half of an old movie while drinking a refreshing cuppa. We will be back out at tea time though, I don't want to waste a minute of this nice weather, it might be the only summer we get. This evening we will all sit out and enjoy a Pimms or two before making popcorn and indulging in a film night.

The papers are full of the story of Georgia Davies, the sixty three stone teen, this morning. The majority are taking the same stance I have and are roundly blaming the mother, while a few others are trying to turn it into something political, which it is not, and are blaming the health authority for not sending her on another fat camp. They don't seem to realise that it doesn't matter how many fat camps she goes on, if her mother starts stuffing fish and chips down her throat the minute she returns what hope does she have? According to reports she is in quite a bad way. I do hope she recovers and I also hope that she does not return to her parents because next time she is removed from her house it could well be in a coffin.

Tonight is the Eurovision song contest. We tend not to watch this anymore simply because of the outrageous voting that goes on. This year Andrew seems keen so we've compromised on watching until the voting starts and then going into a film. Whether it will work out like that I don't know.