Sunday, 27 May 2012

Euro Trash

Why do we bother to take part in the Eurovision song contest? Most of Europe hates us, thanks to Tony Blair, so we are never going to win the thing ever again. Last night was our best shot as countries were desperately competing NOT to win because hardly anyone can afford it. I was expecting tactical voting with the UK winning by a mile in order to cause us more financial problems. As it was Sweden won, just about the only country left who can actually afford to host the competition next year and the UK got a measly twelve points to finish second from last. The only acts I found even remotely interesting were the Russian Grannies, who were cute beyond reason and Jedward, who represented Ireland. Both acts were lively and fun while the rest of the offerings were mostly a dismal dirge accurately reflecting the depression most countries are feeling at the moment. Once again I vowed that I won't be watching again next year but I suspect something will draw me in, damn it.

An afternoon in the garden has left me with the slightest of tans. I don't tan, I go red then return to white but somehow I've managed a dirty brown smudge across the tops of my shoulders and back. It isn't dirt, I checked. Another hour with a good book is planned this afternoon after I've watched the Grand Prix and I will be following the same safety precautions. With a bit of luck tomorrow my tan will actually look like a tan and not as though I've been messy with the gravy.

Well that was a waste of time. The Monaco Grand Prix can either be extremely exciting or extremely dull, today's effort was in the latter catagory. After the first few laps and a couple of minor incidents it became the usual procession with no one overtaking. Our Brit drivers didn't fair that well, Hamilton and De Resta finished in the top ten but poor Button retired after a minor coming together in the last few laps. It is Canada in two weeks and that race is a landmark for me, I remember watching Button win in appalling conditions from my hospital bed so it marks a full year since I have my line put in. Doesn't time fly and not always when you are having fun.

Talking of fun I am writing this while relaxing in the garden. It is unusually quite with no sounds of mowers or motorbikes. The only sounds are the birds singing and the breeze blowing through the trees. It isn't too hot either so everything is just perfect and I'm loving it out here today. I have a pile of ironing to do and a laundry basket full of washing but it can all wait until tomorrow. Today I'm going to just relax and enjoy the weather while it is here. Next weekend is an extended bank holiday to celebrate the Queen's diamond jubilee so it is bound to come down in buckets for the whole four days.

In the (local) news is shop guru, or should I say High Street Tsar, Mary Portas who is going to set about regenerating Bedford, the town where I work. Now although I admire her intentions I can't help wondering why Bedford has been chosen and not Dunstable. Bedford is positively thriving compare to Dunstable whose shopping centre, called The Quadrant, has all but shut down. Driving through Dunstable is depressing as the high street seems to be made up of pubs, fast food joints and, to be honest, not an awful lot else. What shops there are belong to chains and there is very little choice. Dunstable's problem in getting there in anything other than a car. There is a regular bus service from Luton and irregular services from a few surrounding villages. If you do choose to drive, and many do, then there is the problem of parking. There is free street parking in places but they mean a long walk to the town centre and the only central car park is small and charges a fortune, no wonder people stopped going. In contrast Bedford can be reached by train as well as bus and has a central multi story, which charges but not that much. It also has a number of free disabled bays right in the town centre. The high street has a number of independant shops alongside the usual chains. The jewel in Bedford's crown must be the River Great Ouse which is less than ten minutes from the town center and is a wonderful walk no matter what the weather. So why has Bedford been chosen over Dunstable? Probably because there is less to do and more chance of success. That's called cheating Mary.

Georgia Davies is still critically ill in hospital and her father is all over the newspapers saying it is his fault. I can't help wondering how much he is being paid for this out pouring of guilt. And if he feels so bad about it why let poor Georgia get into such a state in the first place? The report I read, and I don't believe everything I reading newspapers, said that it was only when Georgia screamed that she could no longer stand that either parent decided to get help. I really, really hope that is not true but fear it might be.

Smirnoff has chosen to join me and is stretched out on the chair beside me dozing. I think it is time I did the same, oh I do love summer.