Sunday, 20 May 2012

So Let The Flames Begin

The tackiness continues as the Olympic flame completes it's first day on British soil. It is accompanied by three vans advertising the sponsors, Coca-Cola (surprise, surprise), Samsung and Lloyds TSB. They travel ahead of the flame handing out banners and flags liberally covered in their advertising, as if Coca-Cola doesn't have enough. Generous? Well maybe, no matter how cheaply made they must have spent millions. Cynical? Certainly, they will make far more than they spent otherwise what would be the point?

As I predicted it is only day one and some fool has attempted to 'interfere with flame' and got pushed into a bush by a jogging policeman for his pains.

However the worst is yet to come, the torches have barely cooled down before appearing on ebay. So despite it being an 'honour', 'the best day of my life' and 'something I will treasure for the rest of my life' the 'athletes' saw a money making opportunity and took it. Each person had to pay, yes pay £250 for the honour of representing their country and ensuring the flame's safe arrival in London, however as the first torches have reached £150,000 at auction so far and are still rising I would say that was a sound  investment.  Can I really blame them in this economic climate? Not really but again I blame the organisers for not thinking ahead.. Of course if the torch relay had been a real relay as it is meant to be there would only be one torch and this would never have happened. As it is profit has cheapened the whole spectacle yet again, a sign of the times I suppose but very, very sad.

More of note was another weekend of celebration for the Queen's Diamond Jubilee year, an event I feel should be taking center stage. This time it was a fly past over Windsor Castle involving eighy five military aircraft past and present. It came as something of a surprise as I didn't know we had eighty five military aircraft left. Despite the dreadful coverage provided by Sky News at least they did cover it live. The event was ignored by the BBC except in news bulletins. As I watched I once again mourned the passing of Concorde, although not a military plane it would have added some badly needed glamour.

The weather is cold and dull but at least it is dry. I cannot believe we are entering the third week of May and I'm still wearing my winter woollies. We have removed our winter duvet and gone for our summer one but haven't put the winter one away as yet. It is lying within easy reach in case we need it in the middle of the night. We haven't yet but last night was a close run thing.

Laurence is coming for lunch today and he has just sent a text to say he is on his way so I'd better get down to the kitchen and start cooking. Will tell all tomorrow.