Monday, 28 May 2012

He's Just A Skater Boy

One of the consequences of hot summer days is that they are usually followed up by warm summer nights. Our bedroom faces east so it has the sun for the longest time and is usually baking by early evening. As a result we sleep with the windows open and as we face out onto the main road this can mean noise. To be fair it is a very quiet street and we usually never hear a thing. Last night was very different.

I was having difficulty dropping off anyway and lay awake cursing the nap I'd involuntarily taken during the afternoon. It wasn't long before I became aware of a strange but repetitive sound in the distance and heading my way. As it got closer I recognised the unmistakable sound of a skateboard (don't ask, that was a whole different lifetime) followed by a thwack and a loud 'fuck' then a scraping sound. These sounds were repeated in sequence until they were directly outside my window. Unable to resist my curiosity I got out of bed and peered carefully out between the curtains. The scraping sound was immediately identified as the sound a skateboard makes when it is being dragged into the middle of the road by a young man so drunk he could barely stand. It took him several seconds to get the board positioned to his liking and then with admirable nerve he took a short run up and jumped onto it. He travelled about 50 meters at some speed before falling off and landing flat on his back (the 'thwack'). He lay still for a couple of seconds before getting to his feet swearing (the 'fuck') and retrieving his skateboard to start the process all over again. I watched him for another two revolutions and then went back to bed and listened as he faded into the distance.

My late night entertainment appeared to have done the trick and I yawned as I snuggled comfortably under the covers. I don't know how long I'd been asleep, it didn't feel like long before I was bolt upright. I'd been rudely awakened by some noisy git who thought it was perfectly acceptable to sound his horn at half past two in the morning. He was obviously dropping off some friends who took it upon themselves to shout their farewells at full volume long after he'd driven off. Silence resumed and thankfully I went back to sleep quite quickly until a buzzing in my head brought me back into consciousness. The clock said ten to eight and someone was sawing down a tree opposite me. I gave up and went and had a soothing bath before tackling the ironing. A quiet sit in the sun with the newspaper being out of the question.

This afternoon it was shopping time and I stocked up with stuff that is quick and easy to cook so my boys won't starve while I'm in hospital then it was out into the garden to enjoy some sunshine before packing for tomorrow's little adventure.

I'm on my own again tonight and am quite looking forward to a bit of peace and quite as it is the last I'm likely to get until he weekend as hospitals are not known for being quiet.