Thursday, 3 May 2012

Woke Up This Morning Feeling Fine....

Woke up this morning to find a strange stain on my top, I tried to remember whether I'd got up for a drink in the night and maybe slopped it but I was sure I'd have remembered doing something like that. A close examination of my line revealed a small leak where the line had parted slightly from the connector. Talk about panic, I live in fear of infections and am always so careful so was understandably terrified. Phoned the Brompton and was instantly soothed by being told it is not that rare an occurrence. They are arranging a repair kit and will call when they are ready for me. Is there any end to my bad luck?

So while I'm waiting I may as well try and take my mind off things by typing up my blog.

Last night was one of the best nights for television in weeks. First off there was a special programme for my region hoping to persuade us that we still needed to preserve water, that we were still in drought and the hose pipe ban was still in place. As most of us are knee deep in water I don't think it will be that successful, ho hum.

Then to my absolute joy we had Traffic Cops and not just any old traffic cops but cops from my police force. My favourite bit was when Paulo the police dog bit two fugitives who had done a runner after smashing up their car. Their yells while the dog handler kept shouting 'leave' was just brilliant. The most frightening bit was when a drunk woman was stopped in her car. She blew 166 on the intoximeter but to all intents and purposes looked and sounded fairly sober. Thankfully she was banned for three years but she'd never have been caught at all if she hadn't driven into a kerb in front of a police inspector on his way to a meeting, frightening.

Then of course we had The Apprentice.

It was one of my favourite tasks this week, and one of the easiest. The teams were given a van and £150 each and let loose in a warehouse to buy items to sell on a market stall. They then had to work out which items sold best and replenish supplies throughout the day. Simple, at least you would think so.

Both teams started well enough then team Sterling discovered that selling fake tan in Essex was the best thing they'd ever done and so promptly went back to the warehouse and bought the entire stock. Team Pheonix had more of a scatter approach and despite similar success with the fake tan, and, mysteriously some wind up bugs, were ordered by team leader Jade to buy lots of everything, even those items not selling so well. Both teams were guilty of forgetting that the winner would be the team with most assets, stock and cash value, at the end of the day and went into a selling frenzy for the last hour.

Sterling's fake tan stole the day and they went off to enjoy some posh cocktails while Phoenix were left drinking tea out of plastic cups in the Bridge Cafe as they waited to explain themselves to Lord Sugar. Fair is fair and Jade held her hands up and accepted blame for her scatter approach straight off. However she couldn't enter the boardroom alone and to everyone's bewilderment returned with Ricky and Azhar. I say bewilderment because Ricky did all the running around buying and Azhar constantly warned Jade they needed a selling strategy. Lord Sugar couldn't understand her choices either and instantly sent Ricky back to the house. Azhar has been the quiet one all through and it was pointed out by Karen that although he often had something sensible to say no one ever listened to him. Still quiet and unable to fight his corner against motormouth Jade, Azhar took one for the team and was fired. Lord Sugar reasoned that he did not want to work with someone nobody listened too, proving once again that the louder you shout the further you get, even if you are talking drivel. Poor Azhar, he really never stood a chance.

The call finally came while we were having a simple early lunch of  cheesy Omelets in anticipation of our dash to London. They apparently had some trouble locating a repair kite making a lie out of my specialist nurse's claim that 'this sort of thing happens all the time', unless it happens so often they've run out of kits that is. So with his guidance I've done a temporary repair to keep dirt, air and nasties out and my drug in. I'm booked in for a proper repair tomorrow which I'm told will take 'minutes at most'. So safe in the knowledge that I'm once more leak proof normal duties resume and I'm off to do my weekly shop, phew!