Friday, 10 June 2011

Thunder Bolt And Lightning

Slept like an absolute baby last night so my room buddies didn't disturb at all. Passed out at eleven thirty last night and woke up at eight this morning. I've been in some discomfort today, only natural but nothing a couple of paracetamol couldn't handle. Had a shallow bath after breakfast and immediately felt a lot better. That disinfectant stuff they wash you with stinks. They have decided that because of my tendancy of being allergic to absolutely everything that they are going to start the drug on Monday morning rather than risk problems over the weekend when the consultant isn't around. I'm a bit disappointed but understand where they are coming from and at least it means I have time to get used to the line and the cleaning routine before I have to learn about mixing and administering the drug. Talking of which I got my first good look at it today when they removed the dressing to give me my first cleaning lesson. It seems a bit complicated but the basic rule is keep everything as sterile as possible. It may be a bit fiddly and time consuming but if I get an infection it could be really dangerous so it is something I am going to have to get used to. Tomorrow, I get to do it all myself, with a nurse watching, and if all is ok I fly solo on Sunday. The site itself isn't bruised at all which is amazing but it is slightly swollen and tender to touch. I have more bruising on my neck and that site is painful but hopefully will ease off in a couple of days.

Having eaten barely nothing yesterday I was ravenous today, breakfast was egg, toast, jam and cereal. Unfortunately it was a case of eyes bigger than stomach so I saved the cereal in case I was hungry later on and thank goodness I did. I was really looking forward to lunch, cod in batter and chips, until it arrived. The chips were cold and soggy and came minus salt or vinegar and only about a thumb nail sized dollop of tomato sauce. The cod meanwhile was inedible mainly because I could not get at it. I have never encounter batter that hard, a pnuematic drill might have dented the surface but I couldn't and when I finally took one almighty stab at it, it shot off the plate and landed on the floor. So lunch for me was veggie soup, weetabix and a tangerine. Supper was marginally better but they would have to try really hard to mess up margarita pizza and to be honest by then a carpet tile would have looked good. This afternoon I was allowed down to the newsagent on the second floor, tomorrow I will get stocking up on biscuits as well as reading material, I have a feeling this is going to be a long weekend.

Had a little bit of excitement this morning when one of the staff nurses collapsed. No idea what was wrong but it must have been pretty serious as they called the crash team out. Thankfully they did their magic and she is now a patient on another ward. The rumour among the other patients is that she had a heart attack but unless I hear that from a member of staff I shall be keeping an open mind. More excitement followed when the biggest thunder storm erupted seemingly directly over the hospital. I love storms but it was obvious by the the little screams of my compainions that not everyone share my view point. And boy did it rain! The road outside looked like a river and the sky was as black as night. Love it!

Got rid of one room mate late last night and two others are going tomorrow. Unfotunately Ethel is still with us and is likely to be so until well into next week. It has been suggested that I use an MP3 to drown her, and the others, out. I will give it a go and see if it works.