Wednesday, 15 June 2011

Three Men And A Little Lady

ICU is exempt from the mixed ward rule for obvious reasons so I have been joined by three octogenerian men. My favourite by far is Albert a retired doctor. He is terribly ill but still keeps the nursing staff on their toes demanding to know exactly what drug he is being given and the dosage, then recommends something better. He thinks I am a doctor and keeps trying to engage me in deep and meaningful conversations about the 'state of the health service today'. The actual doctors keep getting lectured on where they are going wrong, they are so patient with him. Oh, and he thinks I'm the same age as him, which worries me a bit.

It is quite scary in here, I have my own nurse who fusses over me continually, adjusting my bedding, fetching tea and monitoring all my vitals, so far we both agree I am still alive. Being stuck in bed is quite tiresome so thank God for laptops and BBC iplayer. Today I have been allowed to wander the few feet to the loo and back, I am going to the loo a lot simply because unhooking and reattaching my monitors give me and my nurse something to do. The result of all this activity is that my poor appetite is now non existant and not even the lure of a blueberry muffin rubbery enough to bounce across the ward can tempt me. Unfortunately this worries my nurse, and she is now in hyperdrive trying to get me to eat something.

The drug infusion was doubled this morning and I had a little wobble when I came over all sicky but the feeling passed within half an hour. I can't really tell if it is doing any good being confined to bed but I have been using my oxygen less and my cough has decreased. I've been a bit tearful, I think the reality of my situation is beginning to hit home. Once out of the role of patient I'm sure I'll bounce back, especially if I start to feel well again but at the moment I'm tired, scared and vunerable and I don't like feeling like this one little bit.

Tip of the day, never be on an ICU ward when the power gets cut. Pandemonium just isn't in it. all I can say is thank goodness I'm battery powered. Life ain't grand at the moment but I think it might just be getting better.