Wednesday, 22 June 2011

I Can't Stand The Rain

The expected delivery finally arrived just after nine last night so crisis averted, the next day delivery from Royal Mail still hasn't turned up, surprise, surprise!

Another late delivery is my colleague Amie's baby who was due on 3rd June. Amie was induced on Tuesday night and we are all on the edge of our seats. So far no news but also no updates on Facebook so I'm hoping things are progressing.

Early rise today as I had to be in the Brompton by ten which was a shock to the system after several weeks of getting up when I was ready, however once on the road I felt remarkably perky. The journey in was easy for a rush hour trip into London and we arrived with at least half an hour to spare. Back on the ward my wound was checked and was found to be fully healed and showing no signs of infection. My dosage was increased from 10 to 12 and again I showed no signs of adverse reaction so after an hour I was allowed home. I am returning on the 30th for another dosage hike. I was also told that after the next dosage increase, provided I feel up to it, I can consider going back to work. Fantastic! I know it seems strange to look forward to going to work but it is a sign that I am better and that life is returning to normal.

As we left the hospital it started to rain, it was only light and we didn't think anything of it. As we drove past Selfridges it suddenly started to hammer down and pedestrians started running everywhere seeking shelter. The number of near misses we had as people dashed across the road in front of us oblivious to the traffic, thank goodness the traffic was crawling or we would have hit someone for sure. By the time we reached Brent Cross the rain was light so we looked forward to a trouble free run up the M1. WRONG! I have never seen rain like it, sod's law saw us just passing Scratchwood services when the heaven's opened. It was more like trying to drive through a waterfall than a rain shower. Thankfully traffic was light but most of the vehicles didn't have any lights on which made it difficult to see them, very scary. Just as we were debating getting off at the next junction so we could park up and see it out the rain began to easy and the sun suddenly came out. Crazy weather even for a British summer.

Home and a late lunch then an afternoon in front of the tennis, slept through Venus but managed to wake up in time to see Murray storm to another victory. Might get a trip out to to MK tomorrow, I need to get some tops with thicker straps to hid my dressing. Any excuse!