Wednesday, 8 June 2011

Great Expectations

Well I am here, blood, ECG, blood pressure and oxygen sats taken. Now left ot my own devices until the consultant turns up.

I have received a reply from Halfords.

Dear Ms. Roberts

Thank you for your email. I apologise for the delay, I was awaiting comment from the store.

After discussions with the store, we have asked for them to remove the tents.

I am sure that you will no longer encounter any difficulties.

Please accept my apologies again.

Yours sincerely,

Sophie Brettell
Correspondence Team Supervisor.

You will note that she only apologises for the delay in replying, not for the incident itself. Not sure if I am satisfied with that, I will have to think about it.

The journey down was very quick and stress free for once. I gave both kitties a hug checked my bag again and I was away. Unusually they had a bed ready for me so I was settled very quickly. There was a comedy moment when the vampire turned up to take my blood, was told by the doctor to take my blood, looked at his machine, stated I was not on his list and left. Doctor returned said when we have the results.......I said 'oh he didn't take them.' 'Damn!' say the doctor then hares off to try and catch the vampire before he leaves the ward.

Bloods taken I settled down to wait for the consultant. He told me that I would be going to the Chelsea and Westminster for the actual line insertion and returned to the Brompton to start the drug. I will be put into intensive care when they start the drug as my history of allergy has got them all nervous. I will remain there for two days and then returned to a normal ward if nothing bad has happened. It all sounds very complicated to me but we will see. My nurse practitioner will be going with me to the C & W to keep me company so I won't be in a strange place on my own. The surgeon does work two days a week at the Brompton but would not be able to fit me in for weeks if I waited for a slot there hence the move. It is only for the afternoon so should be a bit of an adventure. My nurse practitioner has explained my fear of needles and they have decided to give me a bit of happy juice to sedate me so hopefully it will all be over before I know it.

The nurse gave me my injection tonight, she put it in my arm which was a lot more comfortable than in the stomach which I was told to do yesterday. If I ever have to do that again it will be the arm that gets it.

Looking forward to The Apprentice tonight. So glad I can now bring my laptop in, spent most of the afternoon watching Murray play at Queens. iplayer is going to be getting a bit of a bashing over the next few days as I'll be watching everything on it.

Lunch: cream of broccoli soup, hungerian goulash, stewed apple and custards
Supper: chicken and rice soup, cauliflour moray with broccoli spears, cheese and biscuits

Craving home made pasta already.