Wednesday, 29 June 2011

Accidents Can Happen!

Andrew's karate club is going to be saved, hopefully. They are going to re-launch to try and get some new members. So relieved he would have been so upset if it had folded.

Absolutely shattered after yesterday so decided to cheat on lunch and use a ready made curry sauce. I always keep a few jars in the cupboard for emergencies. This type came in two parts, a jar full of sauce and on the lid a plastic pot of herbs and spices to coat the chicken in before cooking. Unfortunately on this occassion the plastic pot refused point blank to part company with the jar. After much pulling and tugging the whole lid shot off the jar swiftly followed by the sauce. I was dripping. It was in my hair, all down my front and forming puddles around my feet. It didn't just get me however, oh no that would be far to simple. The whole cooker was covered, it was in the sink, all over the cupboard doors and floor. I never realised a small jar had so much coverage. I even got it all over my pump. Obviously the pump was my first priority and several damp kitchen towels later it was as clean as I could manage but still had a yellowish tinge in places. By the time Peter arrived from the study I was stripping off while trying to keep the pump and line clear of the mess. Did he help? Of course not! By the time he'd controlled his laughter I'd already sprayed everything with stain remover and bunged it in the washing machine. I left him to clean the kitchen whilst I went to clean up. By the time I returned to the kitchen I'd seen the funny side and we both kept bursting into giggles as we finished getting the kitchen straight. It goes without saying that after that curry was firmly off the menu, we settled for salad in the end. Next time I'll do home made sauce, much safer.
Tomorrow is another trip to the Brompton to get my dose increased. I have my anti sickness tablets at the ready, though having read the list of side effects I'm not sure which would be the better option, so I'm all set. I am quite eager to see how much better I will get on the higher doses. I'm feeling pretty good now so if I get even better that will be such a bonus. After a month's break I also have an appointment to see my hypnotherapist. It will be an opportunity to tell her how her therapy didn't work when I needed it most. It's not her fault I know, the therapy doesn't work for everyone but I was bitterly disappointed that when it came to the crunch it failed me so completely. I thought I was doing really well during the sessions but I suppose it is easy to feel relaxed about something when it isn't actually happening. I suspect I will politely call it a day on the therapy and tomorrow will be my last session. I guess hypnotism is just not for me.

Tried to watch the tennis this afternoon and got throughly pissed off by some idiot across the road trimming a hedge. If he'd just got on with it, that would be fine but he did a little bit, stood back to admire the inch he'd cut and then did an inch more. The constant on and off of the hedge trimmer was driving me up the wall and went on for hours. How close did I come to screaming 'shut up' out of the window? You really don't want to know.

Laurence has twenty days holiday after today (I know but he hasn't taken any time off since he started and has lots of overtime built up) which he is going to use to go house hunting. Peter and I have been allocated 'tasks'. Peter is going with him to see the mortgage advisor, I am to accompany him on the house viewing. This suits me fine because I love looking at houses. I'm not sure I should be encouraging my eldest to fly the nest but as my mother pointed out yesterday, I was married at his age.

Andrew is having a bit of trouble with some kid who thinks he's a streetwise hard man. Andrew goes to a kung fu club on Tuesdays and this kid is a member. Over the last few weeks he has tried to get Andrew to buy everything from weed to coke from him, This week's offering was ectasy. When Andrew firmly turned him down, again, the lad became aggressive and tried to take Andrew on. This lad is only a white belt so being a black belt Andrew could do him some real damage if he chose to but instead walked away. I am so proud of his attitude. It is a real shame he is getting this hassle though as he is now considering leaving this club. I've tried to get Andrew to tell the club organiser about this kid but Andrew feels that as he has only been going a little while and this kid is a long term member he won't be believed. It annoys me that idiots like this can ruin the enjoyment for someone else. I hope he comes up against someone less restrained than my son and get's taught a lesson. And the sooner the better.