Thursday, 16 June 2011

I'm Still Standing, Better Than I Ever Did

Watched one of my room mates face plant his supper last night. He was groggy from all the pain meds and had been given some soup. He was eating said soup when I noticed he had closed his eyes with spoon suspended between bowl and mouth, I thought he was just taking a pause or had come over a bit queasy and was about to alert the nurse when, splat! He was ok, just fell asleep mid meal.

Another full day, though I am getting faster at the drug prep and pump change over. Drug has been increased again and I appear to be tolerating it well. Tomorrow they will increase it again to half dose and the plan is to send me home for a week then bring me back in overnight to increase it again. This will be repeated over the next few weeks until I'm on the full dose. I am also decreasing my Iloprost use and tomorrow finish it altogether, maybe my asthma will settle down now. I was judged to be out of danger by lunchtime and removed from ICU back to my original ward. I've been put in a side ward this time so I have more room and some peace and quiet to get on with my drug prep. I don't mind as a quick look at my old bay revealed that the vomiter was still with us. The plan now is to send me home late Saturday with half the pharmacy, no not kidding, three boxes big enough for very large plasma tv's are coming with me and that is only a month's worth. Peter is going to have a fit and I've no idea where we are going to store it all especially when the three month delivery turns up.

Today I walked down the whole length of the ward without needing oxygen during or after, I think I'm going to be ok.

To give you some idea this is what I use for every change.
1Cadd pump, charged and programmed.
2 Cadd pump cassettes
2 10ml syringes
2 50ml syringes
4 needles
2 bottles flolan
2 bottles buffer solution
2 filters
2 sets of surgical gloves
1 sterile pack (contains sterile sheet for table sterile tray to hold stuff and rubbish bag)
1 bung
1 flexable drug line
2 sterile wipes
1 bottle antiseptic hand wash
Was I daunted about doing this, you bet I was. The two main dangers for me are germs and air bubbles, either one could kill me so getting it right is vitally important. I will get quicker but at the moment I am triple checking everything.

I was supposed to be going to a Christening this Sunday but have had to pull out, I know I am not going to be anywhere near well enough. My friend was disappointed but fully understood. We have promised to meet up in a few weeks when I am feeling a lot better.

Thundered again this evening, my room has a lovely view out across the city and watching the lightening dance across the sky was wonderful.

Only two sleeps to go, yippee!